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Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall is an RTS game set during World War II where players must command a four-man squad in fast-paced combat. Learn to manage four units and strategize on-the-fly to outsmart opponents.

Publisher: KAVA Game Studio
Playerbase: Low
Type: RTS
Release Date: September 07, 2016
Pros: +Manage four units in real-time on a battlefield. +Compete in 1v1 or 15v15. +Clan system.
Cons: -Some cheese strats. -Lacking tutorial.


Divided We Fall Overview

In Divided We Fall players lead a squad of soldiers in tactical combat in battles set during World War II. Equip units with a variety of weapons, from machine guns to sniper rifles. Set up ambushes and cover fire rooted in squad tactics. Use terrain effectively in various environments, such as walls, sandbags, and vehicles. Strategically outsmart and outmaneuver opponents in intense, fast-paced 1v1 battles. Join a clan to compete as a team against others in large 15v15 fights. Create stages with the Map Editor and try a variety of different game modes.

Divided We Fall Key Features:

  • Real-Time Strategy – manage four units in 1v1 real-time combat on a battlefield.
  • Squad-Based Tactics – set up ambushes and cover fire with the soldiers in your squad to achieve victory.
  • Use Terrain – effectively use walls, cars, and sandbags in maps to achieve victory.
  • Large-Scale PvP – compete in 15v15 matches, where each person controls four units.
  • Clan System create or join a clan and compete as a team against others.

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Divided We Fall Review

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Divided We Fall Screenshots


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System Requirements

Divided We Fall System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista or higher
CPU: Dual-Core
Video Card: GTX8800 or Intel 4000
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista or higher
CPU: Quad-Core
Video Card: GTX260
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB


Divided We Fall Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Divided We Fall Additional Information

Developer(s): KAVA Game Studio
Publisher(s): KAVA Game Studio

Game Engine: Unity Engine

Platform(s): PC and Mac

Open Alpha Release Date: February 2015
Steam Greenlight Post Date:
June 2016 [Removed by Author]
Early Access Release Date: September 7, 2016
Full Release Date: Q2 2017

Development History / Background:

Divided We Fall is an RTS developed and published by KAVA Game Studio. It spawned out of the development for an upgraded version of Call of Combat, which was released in 2002. At first, Divided We Fall was called Call of Combat, as it was supposed to be the same game with improvements. However, the developers decided that with the drastic changes made to the game, a new title was needed to label it as a successor. The game began open alpha testing in February 2015, alongside a Kickstarter campaign from February to March 2015 to raise funds. When the funding goal was not met, KAVA Game Studio continued with development and eventually posted the game via Steam's Greenlight Community in June 2016. Shortly thereafter, Divided We Fall was released in September 2016 for early access, and a full release was seen in 2017.