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Dragon Blaze

Dragon Blaze is an online social hero-collecting RPG on mobile devices with stylish, anime-inspired graphics, automated, side-scrolling combat, many stages to play through, many Heroes to collect, and additional modes such as Arena, Labyrinth, and Boss Raid.

Publisher: GAMEVIL
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: May 12, 2015
Pros: +Stylish and artistic graphics. +Many Heroes to collect. +Active GMs and many events.
Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. –Automated Combat.

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Dragon Blaze Overview

Dragon Blaze is a 2D hero-collecting mobile RPG developed by FLINT and published by GAMEVIL, the company behind the popular Zenonia game series. The King of Dragons, Deathcrown, has return and it is up to you to uncover hidden secrets and stop an endless war between humans and dragons. Choose from 5 unique classes and journey through hundreds of stages as you defeat monsters in streamlined, automated combat. Collect over 100 Heroes to add to your party, and enhance and evolve them to power them up. Witness beautifully crafted 2D graphics inspired by Vanillaware, the creators of Dragon’s Crown. Challenge players around the world in the Arena and participate in the Labyrinth and Boss Raids. Form the perfect party of up to 5 Heroes and defeat Deathcrown once and for all.

Dragon Blaze Key Features:

  • Stage-based Levels – Hundreds of stages with four difficulties (Normal, Hero, Legend, Myth) and special dungeons that yield great rewards.
  • Artistic Anime Graphics – Immerse yourself in colorful, stylish graphics inspired by Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown.
    Automated Combat – Defeat hundreds of different monsters and bosses with automated combat and the ability to manually use skills.
  • Five Classes to Choose From – Choose one of five starter classes (Warrior, Archer, Priest, Rogue, Mage) with unique abilities, and choose supporting Heroes that complements your class.
  • Many Heroes to Collect – Collect over 100 unique Heroes, each with their own class, special abilities, and appearances. They can also be enhanced and evolved.
  • Interesting Story – Play as a descendant of an extinct tribe as you search for clues about the King of Dragons, Deathcrown, and fight to end an endless war between humans and dragons.
  • Additional Modes – Participate in the Arena (asynchronous PVP), Labyrinth (Survival Mode), and Boss Raids (take down a giant Boss with limited attempts).

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Full Review

Dragon Blaze Review

By, Herman Y.

Dragon Blaze is a free-to-play, 2D social RPG developed by FLINT and published by GAMEVIL, a large Korea-based mobile game publisher behind the popular Zenonia series, Kritika: The White Knights, and Darkness Reborn. Dragon Blaze was first released in Korea in early 2014 and after much success, it launched worldwide on May 12, 2015 with equally as much success. Dragon Blaze racked up over 1 million downloads within two months and on July 20, 2015, Dragon Blaze launched its 2nd Season, which included many new features such as new Heroes, chapters, monsters, and more. Dragon Blaze is a game that doesn’t really offer anything new to the table, with generic, automated combat and hero-collecting aspects, but what it does do, it does well. The art style is one of its greatest features and it also offers a somewhat interesting story that many mobile games lack. Dragon Blaze manages to take an old formula and creates an addicting experience by polishing its features and maintaining an active community through events and more.

Character Creation and Classes
When players begin Dragon Blaze, they can choose one of five character classes. These classes include: Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Mage, and Priest. The class that players choose will always in the party, although players can discover new Heroes of different classes to add into their party later on. Warriors are frontline, defensive fighters armed with a shield and sword, Archers are powerful, ranged shooters equipped with a bow and arrows, Rogues are swift, dagger-wielding assassins with high attack power in melee range, Mages are explosive sorcerers with powerful AOE spells, and Priests are supportive healers with buffs and health regeneration abilities. Each class has different roles in battle, unique abilities (that collectable Heroes do not possess), and more customization options (via equipment and skills) than collectable Heroes. Again, the class players choose will always in the party with 4 additional Heroes of the player’s choice, which would have to complement the player’s class.

Fighting Through the Stages
Dragon Blaze has a stage-based progression system that expands across a large map. Each stage has 4 difficulties (Normal, Hero, Legend, Myth) and each stage is instanced. Before beginning a stage, players can assemble their party of 5 Heroes (including the player character) and can bring along a friend’s AI-controlled character who can help out once a day. Each stage consists of 3-4 waves of enemies, with bosses every couple of levels. The game also has a story which consists of character dialogue before and after each Boss battle. The story is somewhat interesting and involves the player searching for clues trying to end a war between humans and dragons, but the story takes a long time to develop and the player’s character is pretty much confused for 90% of the game. Still, it offers something more than just senseless grinding for no reason. Completing stages gives gold, Player and Hero experience, and potentially equipment. Each stage is very short and players can blaze through each stage in about 1-4 minutes each, which is ideal for casual players.

Beautiful 2D Graphics
Dragon Blaze offers gorgeous graphics that stands out from most other mobile titles. At first glance, the art style greatly resembles that of Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown, a 2D action RPG on Playstation 3 and PS Vita, except Vanillaware had no part in the creation Dragon Blaze; They were merely the game’s inspiration. The graphics have a very colorful and artistic charm to it, like a modern anime-inspired storybook. There is a mixture of Western and Eastern styles with undeniable fan service, a staple of many Korean online games. All the characters, monsters, and environments look somewhat cartoony, but at the same time, beautifully designed with visuals that really pop out. The animations are decent for a 2D game and the skills and attacks are very flashy and vibrant. There are many maps that feature new environments and monsters and each Hero and monster looks varied and charming in their own way. Overall, Dragon Blaze excels in its art design and visuals, which is likely one of the reasons for its immense popularity.

Generic, Automated Combat
Dragon Blaze features automated combat similar to that seen in games like Heroes Charge. Heroes will automatically attack enemies in each stage, but players can manually use skills for their main character. Unlike a lot of hero-collecting RPGs, players have no control over other Heroes in their parties and can only control their own character (via manually using skills). Although the combat is basically automated, each wave goes by quickly and the attacks and skills are all very flashy so it isn’t necessarily boring to watch. There is an “Auto” option that will automatically use the main character’s skills which completely automates the combat but is useful for getting through stages quickly. These types of games tend to focus more on the “collecting and upgrading Heroes” aspect rather than in the actual combat itself, which will be disappointing for players looking for real-time action, or even, tactical combat, while players that enjoy collecting Heroes will find it much more enjoyable. The combat is more like an automated simulation, but like I said before, players can choose to manually use skills and the battles are still somewhat interesting to watch.

Collectable Heroes
Dragon Blaze has many Heroes to collect. Heroes can either be obtained from battle (which are usually weak monsters) or summoned from the game’s Gacha system. Each Hero is one of the five classes from the Character Creation (Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Mage, Priest) but have different abilities, stats, and appearances. Heroes range from Rank D-SSS, with SSS being the highest rank in the game. Players can evolve their Heroes and increase their rank by leveling them up and then evolving them by sacrificing Heroes of the same rank, and evolving Heroes makes up most of the grinding and farming aspects of the game. Players can also equip their Heroes with weapons, armor, and accessories to strengthen them up. All equipment is soul-bound so after a Hero equips a piece of equipment, replacing it will destroy the previous piece of equipment. Dragon Blaze has over 100 Heroes to collect and choose from, and players will have to assemble a party to complement their main character or to adapt to certain stages which are better suited for certain Heroes.

PVP and Additional Modes
Dragon Blaze has PVP in the form of an Arena. Like, the main stage mode, the game’s PVP is also automated. Before beginning, players can choose an opponent from a list of other players. However, unlike most other games, the matchmaking is very unbalanced. The list of opponents seems completely randomized and can include extremely high level players as well as very low level players. It all comes down to hoping that the list will have low level players to defeat otherwise your party will be wiped out in seconds. During the PVP, the two parties go at one another in automated combat and each battle usually ends quickly due to the unbalanced matchmaking. Players will rise in the rankings if they win, or fall in the leaderboards if they lose. Players can obtain PVP currency from winning matches to purchase special items in the Arena Shop such as costumes and Jewels. Other than advancing in the PVP leaderboards and obtaining the special currency for rewards, PVP does not give any experience, gold, or equipment.

Additional Modes include Labyrinth and Boss Raids. Labyrinth is a survival mode that takes place in special dungeons and players must advance up a tower of floors by defeating waves of enemies. In Boss Raids, players take on a giant World Boss with limited attempts to defeat it in a certain period of time. Both modes give out great rewards such as gold and equipment. However, these two modes are very difficult and require players to be very high level in order to either advance farther in the Labyrinth or to survive long enough to damage the World Boss.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)
In-app purchases are not required in Dragon Blaze but give slight advantages and offers convenience to paying players. With Rubies (premium currency), players can summon random Heroes, Jewels, and equipment between the ranks A-SSS, Memory Essence, Energy (for stages and additional modes), experience boost potions, and costumes that give stats (for both the main character and certain Heroes). With friend points, obtained from using friends’ characters in battle, and daily sending and receiving of points, players can summon Heroes, Jewels, and equipment between ranks C-SS without Rubies. The Gacha rates are fairly low in this game so the chances of getting something on the higher end are rare. The game does give out some free Gems every now and then as well as free premium Hero summons. Spending money offers advantages such as leveling faster, obtaining better Heroes and equipment quicker, and being able to play more by purchasing Energy. However, it is not necessary if players are willing to spend time grinding and farming stages, and I have heard many stories of players with full SSS (max rank) parties without spending a single penny.

Final Verdict – Good
Dragon Blaze is your typical hero-collecting mobile RPG with automated combat and lots of Heroes to collect, but with extra polish that gives off a high quality feel. It has very beautiful 2D artwork, a fairly interesting story, and hundreds of quick stages to play through that makes it an entertaining and addicting casual game to play every now and then.


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System Requirements

Dragon Blaze System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 2.3.3 and up / iOS 6.0 or later.


Dragon Blaze Music & Soundtrack

Additional Information

Dragon Blaze Additional Information

Developer: FLINT
Publisher: GAMEVIL
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: May 12, 2015

Dragon Blaze was developed by FLINT and published by GAMEVIL, a large Korea-based publisher behind the popular mobile games, Darkness Reborn and the Zenonia series. Dragon Blaze launched globally on May 12, 2015 after a month of soft launch testing and on July 20, 2015, GAMEVIL updated Dragon Blaze to Season 2 which included many new features such as new Heroes, chapters, monsters, bosses, and more. Dragon Blaze reached over 5 million downloads worldwide six months after its release, making it one of the fastest growing mobile RPGs. GAMEVIL is also the publisher of several other popular RPGs, such as Million Arthur, Spirit Stones, and Dungeon Link.