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Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is a free-to-play mobile 3D MMORPG set in a modern fantasy world based on the best-selling Korean novel of the same name. The game makes use of a tab-targetting action combat system, and features a unique and captivating storyline, player housing, gacha mechanics, and typical modern-day MMORPG gameplay.

Publisher: Archosaur Games
Playerbase: High
Type: 3D Mobile Fantasy MMORPG
Release Date (Global): February 27, 2020
Pros: +Gorgeous visuals, cinematics, cutscenes, and artwork. +Great story. +Intuitive controls.
Cons: -Limited classes. -Very linear progression. -Cluttered screen. -Steep requirements and extremely large download size.

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Dragon Raja Overview

Take on the role of an orphan imbued with dragon genes and embark on a quest to stop an evil organization from unleashing The Dragon Lord to achieve world domination in Dragon Raja. Choose to play as one of five classes: Blade Master, Fighter, Assassin, Gunslinger, and Soul Dancer. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses and varying levels of playing difficulty. Create unique characters using the game’s in-depth customization system and dress them up in a variety of costumes and outfits that ranging from casual street clothes to futuristic looks. Explore a modern fantasy world based on real-world locations including Japan and Siberia as you take on missions for the Cassel College, a school that trains dragon hybrids to fight and protect the world from dragons and violent mutated dragon hybrids. If taking on mindless mobs and bosses isn’t enough, you can also fight against other players in open-world PvP fights and join scheduled cross-server PvP battles.

Dragon Raja Key Features:

  • Modern Fantasy MMORPG – explore a stunning UE-4 powered modern fantasy world where evil organizations breed dragons and dragon hybrids to help them conquer the planet.
  • Combo-Based Action Combat – use the right skill rotation and unleash powerful combos to decimate mobs and bosses. Use battle rage when you’re in a pinch to temporarily become more powerful and unlock special skills.
  • Recruit Companions – use gacha mechanics to unlock and recruit companions that will give you much-needed boosts during combat.
  • In-Depth Character Customization – create unique characters using a multitude of face, hairstyle, haircolor, and body options. Tweak your creations even further with sliders to adjust minute face and body details.
  • Player Housing & Costumes – fight your battles in style with a variety of dyable and customizable costumes. Choose the perfect spot to build your house on and decorate it according to your personal taste.

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System Requirements

Dragon Raja System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Requires Android 5.0 and up or iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with most Apple mobile devices.


Dragon Raja Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Dragon Raja 2 Additional Information

Developer: Zulong Games
Publisher: Archosaur Games

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Release Date (CH): July 17, 2019
Release Date (Global): February 27, 2020

Development History / Background:

Dragon Raja is a free-to-play 3D mobile fantasy MMORPG developed Chinese video game developer Zulong Games and published by Chinese video game company Archosaur Games. The game is inspired by the best-selling speculative fiction novel, Dragon Raja, written by Lee Yeongdo, a famous South Korean fantasy novelist.

Dragon Raja was first released in China on July 17, 2019 and quickly took the country by storm. This was followed by a worldwide release in North America, Europe, Africa, and Middle East on February 27, 2020. The game launched in Southeast Asia on May 27, 2020.