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Eternity Warriors 4

Eternity Warriors 4 is a hack-and-slash action RPG on mobile devices with high quality graphics, fast-paced action combat, many stages to fight through, 3 different classes, equipment enhancement system, PVP Arena, and additional modes including Daily Dungeons, Trial of Heroes, and World Boss.

Publisher: Glu
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: September 23, 2015
Pros: +High Quality graphics. +Smooth, action combat. +Easy to pick up and play.
Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. -Pay-to-win aspects. –Steep difficulty. –Random pop-up ads.

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Eternity Warriors 4 Overview

Eternity Warriors 4 is a 3D dungeon crawler action RPG developed by Glu, the popular publishers behind the Frontline Commando and Contract Killer game series. Eternity Warriors is back with improved graphics and combat mechanics. Experience the game with console-quality graphics and silky smooth combat animations. Play as one of three distinctive classes (Warrior, Assassin, and Mage), each with different abilities and playstyles. Quest through over 100 new stages full of villainous creatures and powerful bosses. Craft and collect hundreds of different weapons, armor, and accessories, and enhance them to improve your Power Score. Team up with another player’s character (asynchronous) as you battle through hordes of monsters in beautifully detailed environments. Join a guild for bonuses to stats and discover friends to socialize with. Upgrade your character’s skills and unleash Hell in Rage mode. Play through the single player campaign or battle others in PVP today!

Eternity Warriors 4 Features:

  • Stage-based Levels – Fight through hundreds of stages with many different environments, monsters, and bosses.
  • High Quality Graphics – Experience top notch, console-quality graphics with detailed environments, flashy effects, and realistic animations.
  • Fluid, Action Combat – Defeat hundreds of different monsters and bosses with smooth, hack-and-slash combat featuring a Rage Mode that unleashes powerful attacks.
  • Three Classes to Choose From – Play was a Warrior, Assassin, or Mage that all vary in combat, abilities, and playstyle.
  • PVP and Additional Modes – Compete against other players in asynchronous battles in the Arena and participate in Daily Dungeons, Trial of Heroes, and World Boss.

Eternity Warriors 4 Screenshots

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Full Review

Eternity Warriors 4 Review

By, Herman Y.

Eternity Warriors 4 is a free-to-play, 3D hack-and-slash action RPG developed and published by Glu, a popular mobile developer behind the game series, Contract Killer, Frontline Commando, and several movie-based games. Eternity Warriors 4 is the fourth installment in Glu’s Eternity Warriors series that features similar gameplay but with new and polished graphics and combat mechanics. Eternity Warriors 4 launched worldwide on September 23, 2015 and reached over 100,000 downloads within one week of its release. While Eternity Warriors 4 possesses many new improvements and features, it ultimately suffers from pay-to-win aspects and steep rises in difficulty that encourages spending cash and/or grinding and farming to progress in the game. Despite this however, the game is still fairly entertaining for both casual and hardcore players looking for a new mobile action RPG to try out.

Character Creation and Classes
When players begin, they can choose between one of three classes: Warrior, Assassin, and Mage. Warriors are powerful, two-handed sword and dual axe-wielding barbarians balanced in attack and defense. They have hard hitting AOE skills and great close-range crowd control. Assassins are swift dual dagger and crossbow-wielding rogues with fast attack speed but short melee range and mediocre defense. They have abilities to knock enemies up and execute devastating air combos, quick multi-hit skills, and can dash for large distances. Mages are a spell-casting, Fox-Human sorcerers that wield a staff and magical orb. They have powerful AOE spells that can decimate opponents as well as knock them up and around, but lack in physical defense and health. Each class has unique gameplay, and passive and active abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded over time. Each class also has a special RAGE mode (when their Rage bar fills) that allows them to deal extreme damage for a limited amount of time.

Stage-Based Progression
Like its predecessors, Eternity Warrior 4’s single-player campaign is divided up in many stages across multiple maps. There is a persistent town area where players can see other players, but acts more as a main menu since seeing other players doesn’t really have any purpose. Each map has around 10 stages with 2 bonus stages that are gradually unlocked. Each stage is quite short and can range anywhere from 1-10 minutes. The stages mainly consist of moving along a map and fighting through waves of monsters including mini-bosses and bosses. Players can also bring along AI-controlled versions of their friends’ or random player’s characters to assist them in battle, although these companion characters are generally weaker than the player’s character. Each stage has a required and recommended PS (Power Score) requirement, which is based on the player’s equipment and stats, and choosing to play a stage under the PS requirement results in a very difficult experience. The recommended PS requirements for stages increase rather quickly, similar to Dungeon Hunter 5, which results in a lot of grinding, farming, or spending money to progress in the game.

Top Notch 3D Graphics
Each Eternity Warriors game was ahead of its time in terms of graphics and Eternity Warriors 4 keeps the trend alive. The graphics have stepped up from Eternity Warriors 3 and the game looks visually stunning. The character models and environments are completely in 3D and the game looks very detailed and crisp. The game has a somewhat dark, dungeon-oriented fantasy theme so most environments appear in ancient ruins or dungeons, but there are also many maps on the surface. The maps repeat and alternate occasionally but there is still a large variety in different locations that feature ancient markings, burning buildings, foggy atmospheres, and more. In most of the maps, players run along a broken path or upper level with beautiful and detailed surroundings in the distance. The attack effects and skills are flashy and impactful, and despite the dark theme of the game, the visuals are still fairly colorful. Eternity Warriors 4’s visuals remind of how far mobile devices have come in terms of graphics.

Fast-Paced, Action Combat
Eternity Warriors 4 features hack-and-slash, action combat similar to its predecessors, but even more polished. The combat in Eternity Warriors 4 is butter smooth with more frames of animation than in most mobile action RPGs. Players can move with a virtual joystick and attack with a button with additional buttons to use skills like in most mobile games but with extra polish in the animations that really sets it apart from the rest. The combat feels very fluid and each class provides very different gameplay. One unique feature in Eternity Warriors 4 is that enemies can be knocked up with certain skills and then juggled in the air for powerful air combos. This creates more tactical gameplay as there are ways of dealing more damage than simply spamming the attack button. While regular “trash-mob” monsters are generally easy to defeat, bosses in Eternity Warriors 4 are very challenging and unique. Each boss has certain attack patterns and skills, and players have to be extremely careful while fighting bosses since they have high attack power and large amounts of health. Boss fights are very exciting but can also be very difficult at times reminding players that they are not yet ready for certain stages.

Enhancing Your Power Score
Due to the steep rise in difficulty of each stage, players must regularly upgrade their equipment in order to survive and complete each level. Enhancing equipment in Eternity Warriors 4 is very important and differs from most of other mobile RPGs. Although players can collect and equip hundreds of different pieces of equipment, the specific pieces of equipment themselves cannot be upgraded. Instead, players have a global equipment enhancement system that isn’t tied down to any specific piece of equipment. For example, the enhancement menu contains “Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Helmet, Chest, Gloves, etc.” and upgrading these different parts will increase the player’s Attack, Defense, and/or Health depending on the part no matter what equipment the player is wearing. This is a neat feature because it replaces the typical equipment upgrade system seen in most games and instead of upgrading a piece of equipment and eventually replacing it, in Eternity Warriors 4, the equipment upgrading are like increasing attributes that permanently increase the character’s Power Score. Upgrading “equipment parts” require in-game gold, and every 5 levels, they will require upgrade materials which can be farmed from certain stages. Farming for materials becomes a big part of the game in order to maintain a competitive Power Score.

PVP Arena and Additional Modes
In addition to the main Stage mode, Eternity Warriors 4 has an Arena and 3 additional modes. Players can face off against other players in the Arena in asynchronous combat, meaning players will fight against AI versions of other player’s characters. Players can, however, control their own characters in real-time and will need to employ strategy and more to defeat their opponents. There is a ranking system and players can choose from a list of opponents of similar ranking. Due to the match-making system, players will occasionally be matched up against more powerful, higher level players if those players have low rankings due to not playing PVP much.

The three other modes include: Daily Dungeon, Trial of Heroes, and World Boss. Daily Dungeon features different dungeons every day that players can complete twice a day (after a 10 minute wait time in between). These dungeons are relatively easy in terms of difficulty and are a great way of obtaining gold or upgrade material depending on the dungeon. Trial of Heroes is a boss battle mode meant for higher level players. There are many Trial of Heroes stages to choose from and they all involve fighting a very powerful boss. These boss battles can be very intense and challenging and feature many unique bosses with special attacks. World Boss is similar to the “Boss Raid” mode in most mobile RPGs. Every so often, a World Boss appears and players have a limited amount of time and attempts to defeat it. However, unlike Trial of Heroes, the World Boss cannot be defeated in one try and takes a very long time to defeat. All three of these modes are a great way of farming to obtain gold, rare equipment, or enhancement materials.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)
Eternity Warriors 4 is a mobile game heavy on the in-app purchases due to the game’s high spikes in difficulty. Players will have to grind and farm very early on just to get past stages and it only gets worse as time goes on. With Gems (premium currency) players can purchase enhancement material so that they don’t have to farm them, Skip Tickets that allow them to automatically complete stages that they previously completed with a score of A or better (for free experience, gold, and enhancement materials), energy (to play more), in-game gold, inventory slots, and more. Players can also spend Gems to open a special chest containing Rare, Epic, or Legendary items, while with gold, players can open a chest containing Uncommon, Rare, or Epic items. Spending cash definitely gives players advantages in the PVP by having better equipment and also makes players powerful enough to play through the single-player Stages without having to grind or farm as much as non-paying players. Overall, the game was clearly designed to get players to spend money, although with enough grinding and farming, it may be possible to advance through the game without spending any cash.

Final Verdict – Good
Although Eternity Warriors 4 is a high quality mobile action RPG that features console-quality graphics and smooth, action combat, it is, unfortunately, riddled with in-app purchases and steep difficulty spikes that add a pay-to-win aspect to the game and encourages players to spend money. However, players willing to farm and grind stages (or willing to spend money) will find a lot of entertainment and content to be found in Eternity Warriors 4.


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System Requirements

Eternity Warriors 4 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 3.0 and up / iOS 7.0 or later.


Eternity Warriors 4 Music & Soundtrack

Additional Information

Eternity Warriors 4 Additional Information

Developer: Glu
Publisher: Glu
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: September 23, 2015

Eternity Warriors 4 was developed and published by Glu, the popular mobile game publishers behind games such as Diner Dash, Contract Killer, Deer Hunter, and more. Eternity Warriors 4 is the fourth installment in the highly popular Eternity Warriors series with improved graphics and animations. Eternity Warriors 4 launched worldwide on September 23, 2015 for Android and iOS devices and reached over 100,000 downloads within one week. Every other Eternity Warriors title currently has over 5 million downloads worldwide. Glu is also the publishers of the mobile game series, Blood & Glory, Frontline Commando, and several movie-based games.