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Fantasy War Tactics R

Fantasy War Tactics R is a turn-based tactical RPG on mobile devices with anime-inspired graphics, many Heroes to collect, strategic tactics-style combat, many stages to fight through, an engaging story, and in-depth combat strategy including terrain differences, positioning bonuses, specialized Heroes, and more.

Publisher: Nexon
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: November 4, 2015
Pros: +High quality graphics. +In-depth, tactical combat system. +Many Heroes to collect. +Interesting story.
Cons: -Lots of grinding and farming. –Pay-to-win aspects.

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Fantasy War Tactics R Overview

Fantasy War Tactics R is a 3D online tactical RPG developed and published by NEXON, a large Korean game company behind the popular mobile games, Legion of Heroes and Monster Squad. Play as a powerful wizard and begin your journey toward world domination. Experience a well-written and engaging story full of humorous dialogue and quirky characters. Battle enemies and bosses in over 180 stages with tactical, turn-based combat full of depth and strategy. Collect over 50 unique Heroes and assemble the ultimate party. Equip your Heroes and upgrade them to power them up. Develop strategies to defeat each stage which involves terrain, positioning, Hero, and other bonuses for in-depth combat. Battle other players in PVP and play through special dungeons for various rewards. Conquer the world today in Fantasy War Tactics R.

Fantasy War Tactics R Features:

  • Many Stages to Complete – Play through hundreds of levels and fight monsters and bosses in various maps and environments.
  • Anime-inspired Graphics – Experience the game with colorful, crisp, and detailed Heroes, monsters, environments, and effects.
  • Tactical Combat – Defeat foes in strategic, turn-based combat that is both simple to control and very in-depth with many combat advantages and bonuses.
  • Many Heroes to Collect – Collect over 50 Heroes with unique skills and combat advantages, equip them, and power them up.
  • Engaging Story – Take part in an interesting journey to conquer the world full of humorous dialogue and charming characters.
  • PVP and Additional Modes – Compete against random players online in asynchronous PVP and fight through the Nephthys Dungeon for daily rewards.

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Full Review

Fantasy War Tactics R Review

By, Herman Y.

Fantasy War Tactics R is a free-to-play, tactical RPG developed and published by NEXON, a large Korean game company behind the popular mobile games, Pocket MapleStory and Legion of Heroes. The game was first announced in early 2015 and after a brief 10-day closed beta test in April, it was finally released globally on November 4, 2015. Fantasy War Tactics R is a unique hero-collecting RPG that greatly differentiates itself from the competition due to its intuitive combat system. For a mobile game, Fantasy War Tactics R feels very high quality and polished and will appeal to fans of Final Fantasy Tactics as well as any players that enjoy strategic RPGs. The game features colorful, anime-inspired graphics, an interesting and well-written story, and tactical, turn-based combat that is both easy to use and quite in-depth.

The Story of an Evil Mastermind
Unlike many other mobile hero-collecting RPGs, story plays a large role in Fantasy War Tactics R. Players play as a powerful wizard bent on world domination; little does he know the world was already conquered by a mysterious organization called the World Reformation Council. Throughout the journey, players will uncover intriguing information about the mysterious, and supposedly villainous, World Reformation Council, as well as meet many memorable and charismatic characters along the way. While it is strange that players play as an “evil mastermind” type character who is very hubristic and eager to conquer the world rather than your typical “hero” type character, it does make the protagonist and story more unique, and the protagonist does have many redeeming features as he takes on the real villains in the game, the World Reformation Council. Therefore, although players technically play a villain, they are also fighting villains so it isn’t a full-on good vs evil type of thing. The story takes form in interesting and conversational character dialogue before and after stages which is well written and involves a good amount of humor. There are also additional stories players can unlock that show side conversations between unlocked characters that brings out their personalities and creates a more emotional connection to the story.

Conquering the World, One Island at a Time
Fantasy War Tactics R features hundreds of stages across several islands. Each island has many stages that progresses the storyline and each stage varies in level design and enemy types. The stages are instanced and players can set up a party of up to five Heroes to participate in each stage. The goal in each stage is to defeat all the enemies, but there are many strategies to employ which will be discussed later. Due to the casual, mobile nature of the game, each stage only has a few enemies and therefore each stage can be completed in about 5 minutes or less which is great for casual players as well as hardcore players, although there is an energy system that somewhat limits hardcore players. Completing stages gives Player experience, Hero experience, gold, and possibly equipment and new Heroes (from the story). Completing a stage also unlocks a “Hard” difficulty for that stage which yields better rewards.

Tactical, Turn-Based Combat
One of the greatest features of Fantasy War Tactics R is its tactical turn-based combat. Players who have played Final Fantasy Tactics or other tactics games in the past will notice many similarities as well as differences. The combat takes place on a grid-like field and during combat, players control one Hero at a time. Players can choose to move their Heroes for a limited amount of squares, attack enemies if they are within range, or end their turn during each Hero phase. After choosing an action for all of their Heroes, it is the enemy’s turn to act and the process repeats until one side is defeated. Although it sounds simple, there are many combat mechanisms and strategies to consider during battle. For example, if two or more Heroes are within attack range of an enemy, attacking that enemy with one Hero will also cause the other Hero(es) to attack that enemy in a combined team assault. There are also many other combat advantages and mechanisms which will be explained more in the next section. Like most Korean mobile games, there is also an “Auto combat” option to completely automate the combat which speeds up the leveling process but takes away player interactivity, although it is optional. The automated AI is actually quite decent, but it is of course, much more fun to manually control the battle.

Combat Advantages and Strategies
Fantasy War Tactics R has a fairly in-depth, yet simple combat system that makes it more than just a turn-based game. Firstly, there is a rock-paper-scissor system that replaces the element system seen in many other games. Each Hero is either a rock, paper, or scissor type and attacking an enemy that is of a weaker type grants a 30% damage bonus while attacking a stronger type results in a 25% decrease in damage. Being a weaker type doesn’t mean they can’t defeat stronger type opponents, but creates a slight disadvantage that encourages players to have multiple types in their party. There is also a terrain advantage in which players receive bonus damage if they are standing on higher terrain than the opponent and some Heroes deal more damage standing on certain terrain conditions such as water, rocky, grassy, etc. Certain Heroes have cooperative bonuses with specific other Heroes and all Heroes deal bonus damage if they attack enemies from behind. In addition to positioning, it is also important to have multiple Heroes within attack range of one monster so that they can all attack together in one turn for maximum efficiency via the game’s combo system. A Hero’s attack range depends on their attack patterns which differ for all Heroes; for example, some Heroes can attack in AOE ranges, some can attack from a ranged distance, and more. Heroes also have skills that attack certain tile patterns on the grid. Overall, the combat system is simple to use but also fairly in-depth with many strategic combat bonuses.

Many Heroes to Collect
There are many Heroes to collect throughout the player’s journey in Fantasy War Tactics R. Players will gradually unlock new Heroes for free via progressing in the game’s story and most of these Heroes actually participate in the story via some dialogue, although not nearly as much as the initial 4 characters. Heroes can also be unlocked by obtaining enough Gene Fragments from stages or with Ancient Coins (from expeditions), or from achievements to summon them, which is much different than the standard Gacha system. Each Hero is either rock, paper, or scissor type and has special skills, attack patterns, and other bonuses such as terrain and cooperation bonuses. Heroes can be equipped with equipment obtained from summons and stages which include helmets, armor, and rings, some of which are soul bound. The large variety in Heroes to collect makes the game much more varied and interesting, and adds additional strategy into the combat due to the differences of the various Heroes.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)
Fantasy War Tactic’s in-app purchases consists of equipment summons, costumes, in-game gold, and energy. Players can summon random equipment between 1-5 stars with Crystals (premium currency), however, the stars are not random meaning players can choose whether to summon a 1-star equipment, 2-star equipment, etc., but higher star equipment cost more Crystals and only 2-star Heroes can equip 2-star equipment, etc. Unlike other hero-collecting RPGs, players cannot summon Heroes with Crystals, which have to be unlocked via Gene Fragments or story progression. Players can also purchase costumes for their various Heroes which provide minor stat bonuses, in-game gold, and energy with Crystals. Overall, the in-app purchases aren’t too bad but give some advantages such as better equipment and more energy for farming and grinding which leads to more powerful Heroes for the game’s PVP.

Final Verdict – Great
Fantasy War Tactics R is an impressive mobile RPG with high quality graphics, strategic tactical combat, and a well-written story full of charm and humor. Although it has an automated combat option and requires a lot of farming to obtain new Heroes, it provides a very engaging and semi-casual RPG experience full of depth and polish that all tactics and RPG fans should try out.


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System Requirements

Fantasy War Tactics R System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 4.0 and up / iOS 6.0 or later


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Additional Information

Fantasy War Tactics R Additional Information

Developer: NEXON GT
Publisher: NEXON
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: November 4, 2015

Fantasy War Tactics R was developed and published by NEXON, a large Korean game company behind the popular PC MMORPGs, MapleStory and Vindictus. Fantasy War Tactics R was first revealed in early 2015 and after a short 10-day closed beta in April 2014, it finally launched worldwide on November 4, 2015. Fantasy War Tactics R is one of the few free-to-play mobile games that features turn-based tactical combat similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and reached over 100,000 downloads one week after its release. NEXON is also the publisher of the popular mobile games, Pocket MapleStory and Legion of Heroes.