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Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online is a cel-shaded anime-inspired fantasy MMORPG that's been in service in the West since 2007. Play from one of six playable classes and experience the upbeat and vibrant world of Fiesta Online.

Publisher: Gamigo
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: Nov, 7, 2007 (NA/EU)
PvP: Duels / Open PvP Zones / Guild Wars
Pros: +Tons of content/maps. +Good housing system (called estates). +Fun Kingdom Quests. +Good skill progression.
Cons: -Powerful cash shop items. -Very slow leveling past 70. -No auction house.



Fiesta Online Overview

Fiesta Online is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with vibrant, cartoon-style graphics and cheerfully upbeat music. There are six classes, with one being unlocked later on by having another character at a certain level. The game features two job advancements at Level 20 and Level 60.

Fiesta Online Key Features

  • Anime MMO – traditional MMORPG gameplay with sleek cel-shaded anime-inspired visuals.
  • Class Variety – play as one of six playable classes (Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage, Trickster, and Crusader) with job advancements at Level 20 and Level 60.
  • High Level Cap – level cap of 115+ with countless hours of content. Gain stat and skill points per level to customize your character's growth.
  • Social Features – find love in Fiesta Online with the game's marriage system. Looking for something else? The Master & Apprentice system connects newbies with veterans for a smoother early experience.

Fiesta Online Screenshots

Fiesta Online Featured Video

Fiesta Online - Official Gameplay Trailer 2010


Fiesta Online Classes

  • Fighter – Fighters are the warrior-type class of Fiesta. Players using a fighter get a choice between one-handed sword and shield, or a two-handed sword or axe. They are close-range and deal heavy amounts of damage.
  • Cleric – Clerics are healer characters that acquire healing spells and buffs. They can use a one-handed mace or hammer combined with a shield.
  • Archer – Archers are mostly offensive characters who use two-handed bows or crossbows. They are ranged players who can attack multiple targets with arrows.
  • Mage – Mages are powerful long-ranged characters who use spells to deal damage. They can equip a two-handed staff or wand, and are the only characters who start off with a spell right away.
  • Trickster – Tricksters are close-range classes that deal a lot of damage fast. They’re the only class to use a weapon in each hand and they deal damage faster than any other class. They can equip two swords or two-handed claws.
  • Crusaders – Crusaders are a class unlocked by having another character reach Level 60. They are a well-balanced class that can heal, but also do significant damage.

Full Review

Fiesta Online Review

By Jayne Dash

Fiesta Online, originally called Shine Online in Korea, was published in North America and Europe originally by Outspark, but now belongs to Gamigo. The game was released in the US on November 7, 2007 and Gamigo acquired the license on February 7, 2013 after Outspark shut down. Gamigo currently runs both the US and EU versions of the game. Fiesta Online has a bright, upbeat, and generally happy feeling to it. The storyline is lighthearted, and is similar in game style and gameplay to games like Flyff and Grand Fantasia. Despite the game's age, Fiesta Online has remained fairly popular and has 8+ years of content updates under its belt.

Getting Started with Fiesta

At the start of Fiesta Online, players create and customize their own character. In regards to customizing, Fiesta doesn’t have the best options. Players can pick between five (six if the player already has a character at Level 60 or above) classes. There’s the basic option between female or male characters, and other basic customization factors like hair, face, and hair color. Some games have more options, but Fiesta Online only allows the player to change those three things. On top of that, there are only three colors, three hairstyles, and three face types. In terms of character creation, the options are very limited. After creating a character, the player enters the game world, Isya, and immediately starts the tutorial. The tutorial isn’t anything special, but it isn’t bad either. I find the most interesting part is that the storyline of the tutorial plays like a prologue, where it has its own storyline about how the player’s character started their adventure. The rest of the tutorial is pretty basic, teaching the player movement, fighting, and how to use the shops. While it’s a bit tedious to do and a little too long, the tutorial does well in showing the basics.

The pacing of the game is fairly nice. After I finished the tutorial, I was happy to go straight into the game. New players go to Roumen as soon as the tutorial is over. After arriving in Roumen, it’s possible to start taking quests nearly instantly and playing the game freely. The experience gain is somewhat easy at first, but in the mid-twenties, it becomes a bit difficult. However, it becomes insanely difficult at Level 70, sometimes taking days to even gain a single level. Gaining significant amounts of money takes longer than in other games as well, making it difficult to get good armor once players gets further into the game.

Tying the Knot

Fiesta has a lot of really interesting features, one of which is the marriage system. Players can get married to any other player in the world of Fiesta. Getting married is fun, but it also comes with some really cool benefits. Once married, both spouses gain a 5% stat increase when they’re in a party with their spouse. Marriage also has the benefit of letting the player and their spouse summon each other. Included is also a special pet. Unfortunately, you have to pay real money to purchase a wedding application. On top of that, an engagement ring must also be purchased, but the ring can be bought using the in-game currency. Asda Global has a similar system in place called the "Soulmate system," but it can be done entirely as a free-to-play user. I love the fact that the game provides a real, tangible benefit to getting married in-game, but the fact that players need to spend real life dough to tie the knot is a downer. I guess Fiesta Online is trying to be realistic. Marriage ain't cheap!

Job Advancements

Players get two job advancements in Fiesta Online one at Level 20 and the another at Level 60. Every class, except the Crusader, gets to pick between one of two options upon reaching Level 60. Fighters can become Knights or Gladiators, Clerics become Holy Knights or Guardians, Archers become Sharpshooters or Rangers, while Tricksters become Spectres or Reapers. Crusaders promote directly to "Templars" upon reaching Level 100. They only have one advancement and it's at a higher level. Getting to Level 60 isn't that difficult, but it's worth pointing out that experience slows down considerably in Fiesta Online upon hitting Level 70. It almost feels necessary to purchase XP scrolls in the cash shop to level at a decent pace, but I guess given enough determination, it's doable solely as a free-to-play user. However, I can't stress how slow XP gain feels at Level 70. With the maximum level in Fiesta Online being ~115, I have a lot of grinding to do. Reminds me of MapleStory pre-Big Bang patch.


In the world of Fiesta Online, it’s also possible to get special “titles” from doing things in game. They’re very similar to achievements or trophies in that the player receives them from doing random things. Titles can be obtained from using the chat box feature, trading items, and enchanting items. There are even titles to get from having consecutive deaths or not dying for levels at a time. Aside from those, titles are also obtainable from marathoning the game over long periods of time and completing quests. The great and unique thing about these titles are their effects. The titles give stat increases, but can also lower stats as well. Every title has it’s own effect on the character, meaning these titles can be used to optimize a character. Given that Fiesta Online has been around since 2007, there are a lot of titles to unlock!

PvP Options

PvP doesn't play a big role in Fiesta Online, but it's available. Every town has certain areas designated as open PvP areas where players can openly fight each other. The game also featured Abyss Maps, which are open PvP areas populated with monsters. Hunting in these PvP zones yield higher experience and better drops than other areas, but has much higher risks as anyone can attack you while you're grinding. The game doesn't have any systems in place to stop higher leveled players from griefing lower leveled players in these areas, either, so if you see someone coming at you, run away!

Little Details

Fiesta Online has been around for a long time and has over eight years worth of content updates under its belt. One aspect of the game that I found quite fun is the game's Kingdom Quests. These quests are instanced dungeons that can be accessed by anyone where players must complete a certain goal within a time limit. Unfortunately, it's hard to find too many players willing to do these, as grinding seems to be the preferred way to gain experience once you get into the late game. Quests are great early on though, so don't just mindlessly grind from the get-go! Fiesta Online also has a simple card system. Like Ragnarok Online, many monsters have a small chance to drop a collectible card. Collect enough cards and you'll get special titles or super rare pets. Remember, titles actually effect stats, so it's beneficial to unlock as many titles as possible. Fiesta Online is also one of the few MMORPGs with a player housing system, called the Estate system, where up to 15 guests can meet up in a player's house. Players can access their estate by using the Estate skill, which is acquired by completing a simple quest which is available at Level 10. Houses can be decorated too, so make sure your place looks nice before having guests over!

Final Verdict – Good

Fiesta Online is a really great MMORPG, but may not be for everyone. The game could definitely benefit from better character customization and faster money gain. Gaining levels once you’re in the mid-twenties can be hard, tedious, time consuming, and take a lot of grinding. This becomes even more difficult at Level 70, where I personally felt the XP rate was way too slow. Regardless of it’s shortcomings, there are a lot of good things about Fiesta Online, such as the class system, titles, marriages, and Kingdom Quests, which give the game an overall satisfactory vibe. I personally like the upbeat music and bright graphics in the game, too.


Fiesta Online Screenshots


Fiesta Online Videos

Playlist: Fiesta Online


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System Requirements

Fiesta Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Pentium 4 1.6 GHz
Video Card: GeForce MX
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Pentium 4 2 GHz
Video Card: GeForce Ti
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB


Fiesta Online Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Fiesta Online Additional Information

Developer: Ons On Soft
Game Engine: Gamebryo
Closed Beta Date: July 25, 2007
Open Beta Date: August 27, 2007

Foreign Release(s):

South Korea: July, 2007
Japan: July, 2006 (Published as Bright Kingdom by Hi-Five Entertainment)
Taiwan: May, 2007 (Run Up)
China: August, 2007 (GTGame)
Philippines: November, 2008 (MicroGames)

Several localized versions of Fiesta Online are no longer available.

Development History / Background:

Fiesta Online was developed by the South Korean game developer Ons On Soft, but oddly, released in Japan as Bright Kingdom before service even began for the game in South Korea. Fiesta Online is powered by the Gamebryo engine and development for the game began in 2005. Fiesta Online has been a huge success for Ons On Soft, as the game has remained in service for over eight years. Fiesta Online was originally available in the US through Outspark, but once Gamigo acquired them, Gamigo began publishing the US version as well as the European version of the game.