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Food Fantasy

Food Fantasy is a mobile RPG adventure management game set in a world where food is brought to life. Engage in combat with your Food Souls, collect ingredients, develop recipes, and manage a world-class restaurant.

Publisher: Elex Wireless
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile RPG Management
Release Date: July 20, 2018
Pros: +Great artwork. +Varied, customizable Food Souls. +Multiple combat skills. +Unique blend of genres.
Cons: -Few sound effects. -Multiple timers on actions. -Pay-to-win elements.

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Food Fantasy Overview

Food Fantasy is a free-to-play 2D mobile game for Android and iOS that combines typical role-playing and gacha elements with restaurant management and food-themed collectible characters, published by Elex, known for their game Clash of Kings. Defend the world against the Fallen Angels using your Food Souls, heroes that fight at the player's command to defeat their enemies in combat and collect ingredients for the player's restaurant. Combining RPG gameplay with restaurant management, players battle Fallen Angels to progress in the story, gather ingredients, and level up their Food Souls which can work as staff in the player's restaurant. Recipes can be developed and upgraded for better customer happiness, and the overall restaurant can be visually updated using the furniture editor. For combat purposes, Food Souls can be paired together in teams to unlock powerful abilities that unleash a variety of food-themed attacks, allowing for more involved, strategic gameplay than many mobile RPGs.

Food Fantasy Key Features:

  • RPG Combat – form teams of Food Souls and take them into combat to fight malicious Fallen Angels, utilizing cooking talents and paired abilities to devastate foes while tapping the screen to break character control.
  • Collect Food Souls – collect unique anthropomorphized food characters each with their own personalities, abilities, stats, and appearances.
  • Manage a Restaurant – take control of a restaurant where players hire and manage staff, fight dash and dine customers, research recipes, and develop recipes to make them earn more money.
  • Pair Food for Skills – combine paired Food Souls to unlock powerful combo skills, allowing players to unleash unique attack, defense, and control abilities.
  • Cooking Talents – use cooking skill to unlock cooking talents from three talent trees, allowing the player character to help during battles.

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Food Fantasy Videos

Food Fantasy: Paranoid - Salty Tofu

System Requirements

Food Fantasy System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0.3 and later, iOS 8.0 and later


Food Fantasy Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Food Fantasy Additional Information

Developer: Elex Wireless
Publisher: Elex Wireless

Release Date (Worldwide): July 20, 2018

Development History / Background:

Food Fantasy is developed by Elex Wireless, a Chinese game developer and publisher known for games such as Clash of Kings and Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen. The game was announced on June 27, 2018 with pre-registration available. It was released worldwide on July 20, 2018 with dual language voice-overs from Japanese and English voice actors.