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GetAmped 2

GetAmped 2 is a 3D fighting MMO that boasts some of the most thorough customization options, including creating custom character skins and dozens of different weapons and accessories. It is the sequel to the 2008 game GetAmped, which was called Splash Fighters in North America.

Publisher: Cyberstep
Type: Fighting MMO
Release Date: Dec 16, 2010
Shut Down: June 04, 2020
Pros: +Good variety of classes. +Lots of customization options. +PvE and PvP content.
Cons: -Unintuitive camera. -Pay-to-win elements. -difficult controls.


GetAmped 2 Overview

In GetAmped 2, players fight to increase their rank, complete missions, and compete in tournaments to decide who the best fighter is. Players have many options towards customization. These include from dozens of weapons and accessories, to creating custom skins or rotating between nearly two dozen classes. Players are able to create a character that suits their tastes, both for PvP or mission-styled PvE. Players can choose from nearly two dozen playable characters and be in combat with up to twenty players.

GetAmped 2 Key Features:

  • Brawler Gameplay similar to Rumble Fighter / Lost Saga.
  • Customization – dozens of items to customize character appearance and playstyle. Skin editor allows deeper customization.
  • Various Playable Classes – nearly two dozen playable classes.
  • Frantic Combat with up to twenty players.
  • Different Game Modes – both PvP or mission-style PvE

GetAmped 2 Screenshots

GetAmped 2 Featured Video

GetAmped 2 - Official Release Trailer

Full Review

GetAmped 2 Review

By Dimitri Jordan

GetAmped 2 is a 3D fighting MMO developed and published by the Japanese game company CyberStep that was released in the U.S. on December 16, 2010. Sequel to the popular GetAmped, marketed as Splash Fighters in the U.S., GetAmped 2 is a fighting MMO similar to Lost Saga or Brawlhalla and can also be compared to the massively popular Super Smash Bros. series. Players duke it out in different arena stages, either cooperatively or independently, to achieve the best scores, most kills, and to reach the highest ranks.

Starting Up

When first starting the game, players will choose their initial class from a group of four styles: Fighter, Hero, Soldier, and Spy. Each style has two starting characters, which can then be customized as players achieve higher ranks and unlock or buy additional costumes, faces, weapons, and more. Players should be mindful of which character they choose, as even characters within the same style may have different stats. The first stats in GetAmped 2 are Strength, Technique, Speed, Jump, and Defense. Strength determines the damage done with melee weapons while Technique determines the damage done with range weapons. Speed impacts the moving and running speed of a character, and jump determines the height of a jump. Defense determines how much damage a player takes.

The controls for GetAmped 2 can take some getting used to. Movement is done using the arrow keys and players dash by double tapping the arrow keys. Players aim with Z, perform weak attacks with C, strong attacks with X, and jump with V. Players can also double jump by pressing V twice. Pressing S will automatically aim and perform a weak attack, while D will aim and perform a strong attack. The space bar activates a player’s weapon, and special attacks are done by pressing X and C at the same time.

Players are able to change their stats by using different equipment. There are Head, Face, Body, and Decoration slots. Players can unlock equipment as they level, or buy them from the Prime Market. In the Prime Market, players can buy equipment with the in-game currency, Win, or with the currency exchanged for real-world money, called Crescent. Unfortunately, much of the equipment and weapons in GetAmped 2 are only available through using Crescent.

The First Few Levels

The first few levels, or ranks, in GetAmped 2 pass by quickly as players go through the tutorial process and try out a few styles and weapons. While many games have a sharp decline in how quickly levels can be gained, GetAmped 2 takes a different approach. Each set of ranks increases the score amount for the player, which in turn helps them to rank faster. So a Double Driller (Rank 2) has a score rate of 70%, while a Triple Fighter 1 (Rank 10) has a score rate of 100%. This continues until Last Hero (Rank 50), with a rate score of 180%.

Although there are 50 common ranks in GetAmped 2, there are also opportunities for special ranks. For example, the top ten players in the server achieve the Galaxy Hero rank, with a score rate of 230%. The Ultimate Knight rank can only be achieved by competing in a Knight Style only tournament, and coming in first place. Ranks help players to distinguish other players of high skill, and also to show off accomplishments that a player has achieved.


The gameplay in GetAmped 2 is much like Super Smash Bros. Players duke it out in an arena, with powerful attacks often sending enemies flying through the air, or out of the arena. These are called ring-outs and they deal massive damage. Players can also fall out of some arenas, causing further serious damage.

One of the best features of GetAmped 2 is the ability to create custom skins. Players will have to take their time to learn how to use the skin maker, however, as they must draw their skin themselves. It is easier, however, to use the current skin as a template to recolor to the player’s preference. Players can also go to the Skin Forest, where they can buy skins from other players, or upload their own skins for players to buy.

Mega Force Missions and Arcade Mode

Mega Force missions are story missions in which players team up to hunt down NPC enemies. It is very similar to arcade mode except that it has other players and advances the plot of GetAmped 2. In addition to other players, NPCs can also assist on these missions. Players can advance their character and achieve higher ranks from Mega Force missions.

In Arcade Mode, players solo small story missions that consist of several stages. They are also able to choose between several different characters, but not their online character. Therefore, players are unable to advance their rank or character through Arcade Mode.


PvP is easily one of the biggest modes in GetAmped 2. There are three modes of PvP: Deathmatch, Dogfight, and Tournament. In Deathmatch, players have one life and their goal is to kill the other players. Players are awarded points for their fighting ability and kills, and after three rounds all the points are added to decide the winning team. It is technically possible for a team to lose two rounds by being killed off first and still win because of having more points. Deathmatch can be played either individually, meaning a multiplayer free-for-all, or on teams. Dogfight is very similar, except players have multiple lives and half health. The first person or team to get the requisite amount of points is the winner.

In Tournament mode, the stakes are much higher. Tournaments are hosted by CyberStep, and players are required to sign up for them beforehand. Usually the earliest players are the ones who compete, however should a player not make the tournament a reserve player will fill their spot. Tournaments can have many different variables. They can be a free-for-all or a team tournament, or restricted to a certain style, accessory, or weapon. Rewards often include Crescents, Wins, rare accessories, and more.

Cash Shop

The Cash Shop is one of the bigger drawbacks to GetAmped 2. A vast majority of the better gear is only available through spending actual money, making the game either play-to-win, or a long grind to afford what equipment players can buy with Win. While players may be able to compete with those who pay for better equipment, it puts a lot of pressure on players to spend money to stay competitive.

Final Verdict - Fair

Overall, there are a few positive features for GetAmped 2. The amount of character customization is high, with players able to create their own skins and mix and match dozens of weapons and other equipment. However, the fact that most items require buying Crescents is a huge drawback, and the game is often referred to as pay-to-win by players. GetAmped 2 is a fun game to play when there’s time to kill, but if players are looking for a game to become invested in without a huge amount of pressure to purchase items, this game should probably be passed on.


GetAmped 2 Screenshots


GetAmped 2 Videos

Playlist: GetAmped 2


GetAmped 2 Links

GetAmped 2 Official Site
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GetAmped 2 Wikipedia

System Requirements

GetAmped 2 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Pentium 3 1.2 GHz or better
Video Card: Any GPU with 32MB VRAM
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Pentium 4 1.6 GHz
Video Card: Any GPU with 64MB VRAM
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB

Users on Windows 7 or 8 will need slightly better computers to play GetAmped 2. These system requirements are for Windows 2K/XP machines. GetAmped 2 is Mac OS X compatible as well and requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher.


GetAmped 2 Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

GetAmped 2 Additional Information

Developer: CyberStep
Publisher: CyberStep
Other Platforms: Mac OS X

Closed Beta Date: April 16, 2010
Open Beta Date: December 9, 2010

Foreign Release:

Japan: November 6, 2008
Taiwan: June 5, 2009
South Korea: January 11, 2012

Development History / Background:

GetAmped 2 was developed by Japanese game developer and publisher Cyberstep and is a sequel to the first GetAmped game. The GetAmped franchise boasts over 26 million registered users world-wide. The game launched in its home country of Japan back in November 2008 and made it's way to North America on December 16, 2010. Similar to Onigiri and CosmicBreak / CosmicBreak 2, GetAmped 2 is self-published by Cyberstep. The Western servers for GetAmped 2 were shut down on June 04, 2020. The game remains available in East Asia, with the Taiwanese version being the preferred option for the remaining Western players.


  • The first game is called "Splash Fighters" and it's still around for those curious. GetAmped 2 is one of the few "brawler" fighting MMOs along with Rumble Fighter.

  • Getamped2 US is now being hacked by hackers , community is bad very rude , known to shit talk about people on threads and have gms that are lazy to fix the problem, they are slow to fix the issues , game got a lot of bugs and exploits basically makes this game hack-able for anyone. GM team is terrible , known to ban users wrongfully and mistaking skills for hacks.

  • Philip Gulmatico

    The playerbase is low like on life support. Sad and they new weapons are too op with high hitboxes

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