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Juggernaut Wars

Juggernaut Wars is a free-to-play, online social RPG on mobile devices with high quality 3D graphics, many Heroes to collect, automated combat with skills to use, hundreds of stages to explore, a PVP Arena, and a Portal mode featuring many additional dungeons.

Publisher: My.com
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: February 18, 2016
Pros: +High quality graphics. +Many Heroes to collect. +Easy to pick up and play. +PVP and special dungeons.
Cons: -Automated combat. -Repetitive gameplay. -Limited social features.

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Juggernaut Wars Overview

Juggernaut Wars is a 3D hero-collecting social RPG developed and published by My.com, the company behind Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering and Evolution: Battle for Utopia. Journey through hundreds of stages and immerse yourself in high quality, MOBA-style graphics. Defeat your foes in automated combat with the ability to manually use skills for each Hero. Collect over 30 unique Heroes, then promote and evolve them for maximum power. Battle other players in the Arena and climb the ranks for great rewards. Participate in special dungeons (Trials) in the Portal mode and obtain useful items. Join a clan and socialize with friends. Take part in the fierce Juggernaut Wars today!

Juggernaut Wars Features:

  • Stage-based Levels – Fight through over 100 unique stages full of monsters, bosses, and immersive environments.
  • High Quality 3D Graphics – Experience the game with Western, MOBA-style graphics full of colorful designs and flashy effects.
  • Automated Combat – Watch as your Heroes engage in automated combat with a manual skill system, and many enemies to face.
  • Many Heroes to Collect – Collect over 30 Heroes with different appearances, abilities, and classes. Heroes can be promoted and evolved to become even more powerful.
  • Additional Modes – Battle other players in the PVP Arena, or fight through various Trials in the Portal mode.

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Full Review

Juggernaut Wars Review

By, Herman Y.

Juggernaut Wars is a free-to-play, 3D social RPG developed and published by My.com, a Dutch company most known for publishing the PC MMORPG, Skyforge, and the mobile RPG, Evolution: Battle for Utopia. Juggernaut Wars is the sequel to My.com’s 2012 RPG, Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering, which features a similar world but completely different gameplay. Despite claiming to be an “Action RPG MOBA game” in its App Store description, Juggernaut Wars is neither an action RPG nor a MOBA game. The game is really a hero-collecting RPG like Heroes Charge with largely automated gameplay, single-player stage-based progression, and very limited social aspects. The game does have nice graphics which shows resemblance to MOBAs, but the actual gameplay itself is quite bland and generic with nothing that really separates it from all the other automated, hero-collecting RPGs out there- but may still be worth a shot for players new to the genre.

Journeying Along the Stages
The world of Juggernaut Wars is divided up into hundreds of stages spread out along a large, linear map. Players will progress through the game one stage at a time, and each stage gets increasingly more difficult as time goes on. Players can assemble a party of up to 5 Heroes and watch as they battle through each stage in a 3D isometric view. Each stage features three waves of enemies, with a boss stage every so often that drops Hero Soulstones, which can be combined to assemble Heroes. Because of this, players can simply repeat and farm these boss stages for specific Soulstones; however, a lot is needed in order to unlock a Hero. Each stage is fairly short and casual, and can generally be completed in less than 3 minutes each, although more difficult stages tend to be a little longer. Currently, the game doesn’t have a story so players will mainly play stage after stage with no real purpose, which makes the game feel a little lackluster. Although every hero-collecting RPG like this predominantly plays the same, they all tend to at least have some unique features that sets it apart, but Juggernaut Wars, unfortunately, has nothing distinctive other than its pretty “MOBA-like” graphics.

The Battle System
The combat in Juggernaut Wars is very similar to hero-collecting RPGs such as Heroes Charge and Grand Chase M. Heroes will automatically move and attack on their own, and players have no control over the action other than to manual activate skills for each Hero. Heroes increase their skill bars by attacking, and once the bar is full, players can tap on the respective Hero’s portrait to activate the skill. Sadly, unlike the prequel, the combat system in Juggernaut Wars is very generic and automated, and players cannot even choose which enemy to target; Heroes will randomly target enemies which minimizes any form of strategy. Most games can get away with the automated combat since the battles tend to be fairly short and fast-paced; however, Juggernaut Wars maintains the same combat system with even slower paced battles that makes the combat quite boring to watch. In Juggernaut Wars, Heroes have a 4 second delay between each attack resulting in needlessly slow-paced and boring automated battles to watch. There is an “Auto” button that allows for Heroes to automatically attack but skills are used very inefficiently this way and is problematic in harder stages. The battles are, however, more interesting when players unlock more skills for each Hero, but overall, the combat feels very automated, slow-paced, and lackluster.

The Juggernaut Army
There are 30 unique Heroes to collect in Juggernaut Wars, which isn’t as much as in most hero-collecting RPGs, but still offers a lot of variety. Each Hero looks distinctive, artistically drawn, and possesses an unmistakable European influence. The Heroes have no elements or classes, rather, are divided up simply by Front Row and Back Row. Heroes range from 1-6 Stars, and can only be unlocked by collecting enough Hero Soulstones to create them. Players can obtain Soulstones from completing certain stages and from Gacha chests, and each Hero takes quite a lot of Soulstones to create. After players have unlocked a Hero, they can be promoted by fully equipping them with equipment (known as trophies) obtained from completing certain stages which strengthens the Hero and unlocks new Hero skills. Players can evolve their Heroes with Hero Soulstones of that Hero, which again, can be obtained from stages and Gacha chests. Unlocking and Promoting Heroes require quite a lot of Soulstones so the process ends up being very time-consuming with a lot of time spent farming.

PVP Arena Clashes
The Arena features the only social aspect of the game which involves competitive PVP battles. However, the PVP is completely automated such that players cannot even manually use skills. Upon entering the Arena, players can choose to face one of three randomly selected players (of similar ranking) and then watch as the two sides battle it out. Players have no control over the combat, and considering each Hero takes around 4 seconds to attack as previously mentioned, the PVP battles can be quite boring to watch and drawn-out. There aren’t really any strategies for the PVP other than assembling a good party of highly promoted/evolved Heroes. The PVP can be slightly pay-to-win since paying members can obtain better Heroes and can level, promote, and evolve them faster, but eventually everyone can supposedly catch up. Winning Arena battles gives badges that can be traded for various goods including Hero Soulstones, equipment, and more, and players can obtain gold and Sapphire (premium currency) from their Arena rankings.

The Portal of Trials
In addition to the Arena and Campaign, there is another additional mode called Portal which features special dungeons that give out various prizes. In the Portal, there are currently 2 level-locked Trials to choose from (Trial and Trial of Death), which are further broken down into three dungeons that are open on different days of the week. Each of these dungeons contains a different enemy theme, and can be attempted up to 5 times a day. Completing trials are a great way of obtaining rare equipment and items, and offer an additional means of farming apart from the Campaign. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have too much variety apart from the Arena and Portal but these two modes still add more supporting content to the Campaign mode.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)
The in-app purchases in Juggernaut Wars provide various, convenient advantages. With Sapphires (premium currency), players can open chests that contain random Hero Soulstones which allows players to unlock and evolve Heroes much quicker without farming, purchase Stamina to play more stages, purchase in-game gold to buy more Store items and upgrade Hero skills, and more. There are also VIP levels for purchasing Sapphires that give bonuses such as more dungeon runs and PVP battles each day, and there is a special chest containing Hero Soulstones and more that can only be opened at “VIP 11.” Overall, spending money is not required but gives advantages in faster game and Hero progression, which in turn, gives a slight edge in the PVP. Players can open a premium chest for free every day, and obtain Sapphires for free from PVP and missions so it isn’t too bad but still, as mentioned, spending money gives a convenient advantage.

Final Verdict – Fair
Juggernaut Wars is a fairly generic hero-collecting RPG with automated combat, many Heroes to collect, and lots of stages to play through. Unfortunately, the combat is very unengaging and slow-paced, Heroes take a long time to unlock and evolve, and the game doesn’t offer anything unique to the genre other than its artistic graphics. Still, it has enough content and polish that may appeal to newer players of the genre.


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System Requirements

Juggernaut Wars System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 4.0 and up / iOS 6.1 or later


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Additional Information

Juggernaut Wars Additional Information

Developer: My.com
Publisher: My.com
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: February 18, 2016

Juggernaut Wars was developed and published by My.com, a Netherlands-based game developer most known for publishing the PC MMORPG, Skyforge, and the mobile RPG, Evolution: Battle for Utopia. Juggernaut Wars is the sequel to My.com’s 2012 mobile title, Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering, which features the same world but completely different gameplay. Juggernaut Wars launched worldwide on February 18, 2016 for Android and iOS and surpassed 50,000 downloads within 1 week. My.com is also the publisher of the popular mobile game, Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge, and the apps, myMail and Maps.me.