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Lingshan Romance

Lingshan Romance is a turn-based MMORPG where players embark through a world boasting a Chinese art style mixed with 2D and 3D graphics. Choose from 5+ gender-locked classes, leveling and molding a character to fit the roles of DPS, tank, and support.

Publisher: Tencent
Playerbase: TBD
Release Date: TBA
Pros: +Over five classes with unique abilities. +Strong influence of Chinese art style. +Lower levels get an EXP buff to help with leveling.
Cons: -Limited information available. -No Western release announced.


Lingshan Romance Overview

Explore a world painted by Chinese-influenced art in the turn-based MMORPG Lingshan Romance. Start by selecting one of 5+ gender-locked classes, each with unique combat abilities. Shape and develop these classes into roles such as tank, DPS, and support by choosing from four scrolls that inscribe characters with distinct skills. Complete quests and farm mobs to level up to reach end-game. Be on the lookout for better weapons and armor to improve the combat power of your character. Fight against various bosses, either solo or with a group, that have limited time frames of access. Go head-to-head with others players in different PvP game modes. Acquire pets that fight beside you, and participate in server-wide events and log in daily for bonuses.

Lingshan Romance Key Features:

  • 5+ Classes – choose from over five gender-locked classes with unique abilities and appearances.
  • Shape Characters – develop characters into a certain playstyle by choosing from four scrolls with different skills.
  • Weapons and Armor – improve the gear loadout of a character to strength their stats.
  • PvE and PvP Content – tackle different PvE content with limited time frames and fight against other players in various PvP modes.
  • Pet System enhance and evolve pets that fight with you.

Lingshan Romance Screenshots

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Lingshan Romance Review

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Lingshan Romance Screenshots


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Lingshan Romance Links

Lingshan Romance Official Site [Chinese]
Lingshan Romance Forums [Official] [Chinese]

System Requirements

Lingshan Romance System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Core i3-4150 CPU with 3.50GHz
Video Card: GeForce GT 730 or ATI Radeon R7 240

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Core Duo CPU E7500 with 2.93GHz
Video Card: GeForce 8500 GT or ATI Radeon X1950GT


Lingshan Romance Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Lingshan Romance Additional Information

Chinese Title: 灵山奇缘
Publisher(s): Tencent

Language(s): Chinese

Platform(s): PC

Open Beta: December 15, 2016
Chinese Release Date: TBA
Western Release Date: TBA

Development History / Background:

Lingshan Romance is a turn-based MMORPG developed and published by Tencent, one of the leading Chinese companies in internet and media services. Lingshan Romance was previously titled "Code Zero" before entering Beta in December 2016. The game is loosely based off of the Journey to the West, with strong influences from Chinese art in a world that mixes 2D and 3D graphics.