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Operation: New Earth

Operation: New Earth is a mobile strategy game that places players in command of an advanced military facility to defend Earth from an alien invasion. Build your headquarters from the ground up and create a massive, powerful army to conquer foreign enemies and aliens.

Publisher: Hunted Cow Studios
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile Strategy
Release Date: August 17, 2016
Pros: +Hero skill tree. +Polished 2D graphics and UI. +PvP-focused gameplay.
Cons: -Pay-to-win elements. -Generic gameplay and story. -Long build timers.

Operation: New Earth

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Operation: New Earth Overview

Operation: New Earth is a free-to-play mobile 2D real-time strategy MMO that features intense PvP combat and base building gameplay. Take control of an Earth base and build it from the ground up, ordering the construction of buildings such as barracks, research labs, oil refineries, prisons, and more. Every building serves a purpose that helps you in your war efforts, offering special bonuses from research trees, building up your army with increasingly strong units, and producing raw resources to fund the expansion of your empire. Train up an elite Hero unit for advantages and bonuses, and capture enemy Heroes to leave them at a disadvantage. Set out in the game world to fight aliens, gather materials, claim territory for your alliance, or destroy enemy bases with your soldiers. Train and produce a variety of ground and land units that can be strategically combined into groups to counter enemy forces for a swift victory. Build outposts to expand your reach, defend your supply lines, and harvest neutronium, or capture Silos with your alliance to dominate your quadrant

Operation: New Earth Key Features:

  • Build a Massive Base – build and upgrade your military facility, unlocking new technologies, structures, and dropships to boots your offensive and defensive ability.
  • PvP-Focused Gameplay – defend your territory from raids and set out to capture and destroy enemy bases, using your troops to efficiently conquer and control the nearby territory.
  • Train Your Hero – command an elite Hero unit that offers a custom skill tree, then seek out enemy bases to defeat and capture their own Heroes for significant war advantages.
  • Join an Alliance – team up with other players to build a powerful network of territory, increasing your defenses and working together to terminate the opposition to seize new Earth for yourselves.
  • Multiple Military Units – train and produce specialized units, including hi-tech infantry and cutting-edge war machines.

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Operation: New Earth Review

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Operation: New Earth Screenshots


Operation: New Earth Videos

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System Requirements

Operation: New Earth System Requirements

Minimum Mobile Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0.3 and later, iOS 8.0 and later

Minimum PC Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP SP2+
Graphics: DX9 (Shadow Model 2.0) capability
Storage: 500 MB available space


Operation: New Earth Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Operation: New Earth Additional Information

Developer: Hunted Cow Studios
Publisher: Hunted Cow Studios

Platforms: iOS, Android, PC

Release Date (Mobile): August 17, 2016
Release Date (Steam): December 2016

Operation: New Earth was developed and published by Hunted Cow Studios, a developer known for games such as Fallen Sword, Eldevin, and Legacy Online. The game released on Android and iOS platforms on August 17, 2016. Looking to increase the game's audience and allow play across multiple platforms, the developers worked on a PC version to be released on Steam that allows players to fight with their existing accounts. The Steam version of the game is planned to release sometime in December 2016.