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Royal Quest

Royal Quest was a fantasy-themed 3D MMORPG with a classical MMORPG feel and an isometric camera angle. Explore a vast fantasy world inhabited by unique monsters and filled with magic, alchemy, and technology.

Publisher: Katauri Interactive
PvP: PVP Arenas, PVP Battlegrounds, Castle Sieges
Release Date: August 6, 2014
Shut Down: December 23, 2020
Pros: +Lots of skills and combos. +Thousands of quests. +Tons of PVP options.
Cons: -Very generic gameplay. -Can get a bit grindy. -Very limited inventory space. -Expensive cash shop.


Royal Quest Overview

Help save Aura, a world of magic, alchemy, and technology, from the clutches of the Black Alchemists in Royal Quest, a MMORPG from Katauri Interactive. Join other young and brave heroes as they flock to the Kingdom of Elenia to answer the king’s call-to-arms. Take your pick from four combat classes with the ability to specialize as you grow stronger. Train, fight, grow stronger, and bring the fight to the Black Alchemist’s doorstep to finally bring them to justice and avenge the souls they have stolen. Collect a variety of gear, mounts, cards, and even own a castle with your friends as you journey through a world inhabited by strange animals, monsters, orcs, demons, and the undead.

Royal Quest Key Features:

  • Massive World – explore more than 100 locations including lush forests and endless deserts inhabited by a variety of creatures.
  • Elemental Battle System – exploit enemy weakness by choosing the right weapon and skill for the job.
  • Castle Sieges – own your own castle, as well as the surrounding areas, by capturing one and defending it from future attacks.
  • PvPvE Zones – fight against mobs and other players at the same time in special zones while trying to complete objectives and acquire powerful equipment.
  • Collectables – find gear, mounts, cards, and castles to make the best character possible.

Royal Quest Screenshots

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Royal Quest Featured Video

Royal Quest Gameplay First Look HD - MMOs.com


Royal Quest Classes

Each class is given a choice between two specializations once they reach level 20.

Warrior – strong and resilient melee fighters that are the backbone of the kingdom’s army. They can equip swords and shields and possess the unique ability to increase their party’s, as well as their own, defense.

  • Crusader – warriors who have devoted their lives to serving the Light. They use their faith to inspire their troops and increase their defense. They can also use prayers to heal allies and deal damage to the undead.
  • Dark Knight – unholy Knights who have devoted their lives to serving the Dark. They take pleasure in their enemy’s pain and suffering which restores their own energy and health. Their dark powers also protect them from the undead.

Archer – can deal deadly damage to enemies before enemies can get close enough to attack. They are adept at using bows but can expertly wield a dagger just in case an enemy comes within striking distance. They also use traps to keep enemies at bay while they move in for the kill.

  • Hunter – experts in using traps and camouflage. Aside from bows, they can use guns to attack one or more targets from long range.
  • Sniper – skilled in the use of firearms. They can use an arsenal of pistols, mortars, and rifles to take out enemies before they get close.

Mage – uses the power of the elements to destroy their enemies as well as heal their allies. They can take out hordes of enemies single-handedly but lack the armor and defense of other classes.

  • Sorcerer – masters of controlling the elements and using the elements for a variety of purposes, from destroying enemies, to healing allies, and creating defensive barriers.
  • Warlock – mages that have cast aside the use of the main elements to master the most powerful of them all, Chaos. They wield destructive powers and can also curse their enemies to replenish their life force from their pain and suffering.

Rogue – masters of stealth, espionage, and sabotage. They rely on their speed and agility to eliminate enemies with one precise and deadly blow before melting back into the shadows.

  • Thief – specialize in using a myriad of dirty tricks to quickly disarm and immobilize their opponents. They can equip shields and one-handed swords or wield massive two-handed axes.
  • Assassin – masters of infiltration and assassination. They use surprise, lightning-fast blows, and the art of poison to quickly and effectively take out their targets before quietly sneaking out. They can equip Katars and can remain invisible for an indefinite amount of time.

Full Review

Royal Quest Review

By Marc Marasigan

Royal Quest is a 3D fantasy-themed MMORPG developed and published by Katauri Interactive, a Russian game developer known for creating Space Rangers and King’s Bounty. The game went into open beta on April 04, 2014 on Steam. The game is also available on the Arc Games platform. The game can only be played through one of the previously mentioned gaming platforms.

The game is set in the medieval-fantasy world of Aura. King Roland of Elenia has issued a call-to-arms inviting brave young souls from all over the kingdom. Players assume the role of one of these young heroes as they heed the royal summons and join thousands of other recruits. Players train and ultimately launch an all-out attack against the Black Alchemists who have laid waste to their kingdom and avenge those who have fallen. Players journey through a massive and colorful world that range from ancient ruins, forests, and deserts. While the game’s graphics may seem a bit dated, the classic graphics still hold a certain kind of charm, especially for Ragnarok Online players, like me, since the whole feel of the game seems like a mix between Ragnarok Online and Ran. The audio is nothing to be excited about but, again, holds a certain appeal for me. The background music also feels RO-ish with upbeat melodies alternating with mellow ones depending on the environment.

Heed the Call

Before players can start training for the ultimate battle and go wandering off into the wide world of Aura, they first need to create characters. Character creation is a simple no-frills process of picking a class, choosing a gender, customizing appearance, and naming the character, all in one screen. Unfortunately, the game only allows players to customize hair type, hair color, face type, and skin color, with only a handful of options available for each selection. Don’t bother spending a lot of time on your character’s looks since, with limited options available, everybody ends up looking pretty much the same.

After creating their characters, players start off in a small room where they are shown how to move around, control the camera, accept quests, and kill stuff. After which they are taken to their respective starting towns which depends on the player’s class. While the starting zones may look different, they are populated by the same types of mobs so everyone starts off on an even footing.

Classic or Cliché?

Royal Quest is your typical, run-of-the-mill MMORPG and has all the features you would normally expect from a classic (a.k.a. old) game of the genre including the proverbial breadcrumb quest, point and click movement and combat, item upgrades, mounts, PvP, and even a card system for adding bonuses to equipment. Even the stat and skill system is classic, characters get a set number of stat points and talent points when they level up which they can distribute among their stats and skills however they please. And as you would expect from a classic MMORPG, the quests involve a lot of running back and forth between fields and towns which can feel more and more tedious the longer you play the game. Now, these have all been done before and have worked for games like Ragnarok Online, Rose Online, Ran, Flyff, and a bunch of other classic MMORPG’s, but for a game that was released only a few years ago, I’m not entirely sure creating a clone of those games is the right way to go. This type of MMORPG might have worked in the past and may even be good for a few nostalgic moments, but it gets really old really fast.

Laying Siege

Royal Quest is designed with emphasis on PvP and plenty of options for players who want to get their hands a little dirty. Players can join PvP Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Castle Sieges. Guilds who own castles can receive rewards such as gold, items, and access to exclusive areas and dungeons. Some areas are also PvPvE which means that players can attack another player while he’s completing a quest or just passing through the area. This can be a bit annoying, especially when a player 10 levels above you with better gear suddenly gets the urge to bully you. Although, for the most part, other players tend to leave you alone unless you do something to provoke them, so tread carefully.

Money Matters

Like most free-to-play games, Royal Quest offers premium items that players can purchase using real-world cash, as well as an option to subscribe. Subscribing to the game gives the player advantages such as additional experience, higher drop rates, the ability to instantly move between towns, and more. The premium shop, on the other hand, contains items you would normally expect such as EXP boosts, rare cards, gear, and costumes, but nothing game breaking, as far as I could tell.

The Final Verdict - Good

Royal Quest is actually a pretty good game. Unfortunately, it was released about a decade too late. The game doesn’t bring anything new to the table. While most of the game’s features have worked for other MMORPG’s in the past, players today are looking for something new and revolutionary, not just another clone. That being said, the game is still good for at least a few hours of nostalgic gaming. If you were a fan of Ragnarok Online or any of the MMORPGs from that era, you might like this one.


Royal Quest Screenshots


Royal Quest Videos

Playlist: Royal Quest

System Requirements

Royal Quest Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7/ Vista / XP SP3
CPU: Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz or Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000+
Video Card: GeForce 9500 GT or Radeon HD 3450
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB Free Space

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista/7
CPU: Core i5-760 2.8GHz or Phenom II X4 965
Video Card: GeForce GTX 470 or Radeon HD 5870 1024MB
Hard Disk Space: 20 GB Free Space


Royal Quest Music

Additional Info

Royal Quest Additional Information

Developer: Katauri Interactive
Publisher: 1C Online Games

Release Date: August 6, 2014

Shut Down: December 23, 2020

Development History / Background:

Royal Quest is a 3D fantasy-themed MMORPG developed and published by Katauri Interactive, a Russian game developer known for creating Space Rangers and King’s Bounty. The game went into open beta on April 04, 2014 on Steam. The game was shut down on December 23, 2020 with perhaps the shortest shut down notice, reproduced below in its entirety:

Dear Players,

We would like to inform you that we have decided to shut down the US server and because of this change you will not be able to launch the game via Steam. We would like once again to apologies for the inconvenience.