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Soccer Spirits

Soccer Spirits is an sports CCG/RPG on mobile devices with anime-inspired artwork, a lengthy single player campaign with lots of character dialogue, unique soccer-themed card battles, hundreds of voice-acted cards to collect, and a variety of modes including Galaxy League and asynchronous PVP.

Publisher: Com2uS
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile CCG/RPG
Release Date: August 21, 2014
Pros: +Appealing artwork. +Interesting story. +Many cards to collect. +Strategic battle system. +Unique soccer-themed gameplay.
Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. -Lots of farming and grinding.

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Soccer Spirits Overview

Soccer Spirits is a 2D CCG/RPG hybrid published by Com2uS, the company behind the popular mobile RPGs, Summoners War and Soul Seeker. Defeat the League of Evil by conquering the Galactic League, a soccer tournament that will determine the fate of the universe. Assemble your team with over 100 cards to collect and create a formation consisting of a front, middle, and back line. Defeat enemy teams in strategic soccer-based combat where players battle for control over the ball and must get past enemy defenders. Immerse yourself in the lengthy Story mode full of character dialogue and charismatic characters. Participate in Challenge Mode, Colosseum of Despair, and asynchronous PVP. Level up, enhance, and evolve your heroes for the ultimate team. Score the final goal and save the universe today!

Soccer Spirits Features:

  • Many Stages to Complete – Participate in hundreds of stage-based soccer matches and battle against a large variety of enemy teams.
  • Anime-inspired Artwork – Each card features high quality, anime-style artwork with special voice-acted lines, unique skills, and varying stats.
  • Strategic Battles – Defeat enemy teams in card-based combat where cards battle for control of the ball and move up and down the field in order to score.
  • Many Cards to Collect – Collect over 100 unique cards and assemble your formation, upgrade your Heroes, and evolve your players to take over the competition.
  • Engaging Story – Experience an interesting story full of characters, dialogue, humor, and more.
  • Online PVP – Fight head-to-head against random players online in strategic, turn-based combat with complete control over each battle.

Soccer Spirits Screenshots

Soccer Spirits Featured Video

Soccer Spirits - Official Trailer [HD]

Full Review

Soccer Spirits Review

By, Herman Y.

Soccer Spirits is a free-to-play, soccer-themed CCG/RPG published by Com2uS, the company behind the popular mobile RPGs, Summoners War and Soul Seeker. Soccer Spirits launched globally on August 21, 2014 and reached 2 million downloads within a year as well as released a large Season 2 update that offered a bunch of new content on May 2015. Soccer Spirits adds a refreshing new twist on the CCG (collectable card game) genre with its unique soccer-themed combat system that is easy to use yet strategic and in-depth, and its RPG elements in which players can level up and evolve their cards. The game also has beautiful anime-inspired artwork and each card was voice acted by over 30 professional voice actors. While the game does offer a large focus on story, the story is not its strongest feature; rather, it is the large variety of collectable cards and innovative combat system that will keep players hooked for a very long time.

Become Champion of the Galaxy
In Soccer Spirits, players take the role of a young and talented soccer player who is suddenly thrown into the center of a great galactic conflict between the League of Evil and the Peacemakers where the fate of the universe is decided by the outcome of the Galactic League (a universal soccer tournament). The story has a mix of fantasy and science fiction all-the-while focusing on modern characters (the player and his team) who represent “Team Earth.” The game has a lot of character dialogue that is very conversational with a mix between humorous and annoying. After certain stages, story sequences are activated and players observe conversations between their soccer team, which in my opinion, can be quite annoying to read due to the immaturity of the players (who are supposedly high school students) who lack seriousness and overreact in various situations. In addition, players can also observe conversations between various other soccer teams in the Galactic League who, despite being older, ironically also speak like high school students. Clearly the story was designed to target a young and teenage audience. Overall, the story does add more entertainment to the game but most conversations drag on for far too long with lots of irrelevant discussions that are more oriented toward a younger audience.

Conquering the Galactic League
The single player campaign is divided up into hundreds of matches in the Galactic League. Each league in the Galactic League contains three matches and there are a multitude of leagues to complete. The different leagues feature various enemy teams to defeat, different backgrounds, and lots of character dialogue. Story dialogue sequences usually pop up at the beginning and end of the 3-stage leagues and completing leagues advances the game’s story. Players must win at least two of the three matches in order to advance to the next league otherwise they will have to repeat the league from the beginning. Completing matches gives Hero experience, gold, and potentially new Heroes and Spirit Stones. Each match is fairly short, lasting from 1-5 minutes, but more difficult matches or matches between closely matched teams can take significantly longer to complete.

Playing Soccer with Cards
Soccer Spirits has a very unique, one-of-a-kind soccer-based card combat system that is simple to use yet strategic and fairly in-depth. Players can assemble a team of up to 10 Heroes that can be placed into three lines: front, middle, and back. On the field, Heroes can take control of the ball much like in an actual soccer game. The combat is turn-based and Heroes with the ball will have an option to pass, penetrate, shoot (if they are at the enemy’s back line), or use a skill. Passing gives the ball to another Hero in the line which is useful if the previous Hero’s health is low, penetrate allows players to attack the enemy directly across from them in an attempt to get past them, shooting launches the ball at enemies, and skills are different depending on the Hero. Shooting the ball is similar to an attack and if it defeats the enemy goalkeeper, the ball enters the goal which ends the match. Each match is only decided by one goal. However, if the defending goalkeeper isn’t defeated by the shot, their team takes possession of the ball. Alternatively, if players fail to penetrate past their opponents, the opponent will steal the ball instead.

On defense, it is the opponent’s turn to make their way down the field. Occasionally defending Heroes will be given the option to either steal or block. Stealing will attack the opponent (like penetrating) and the ball is only stolen if the attack defeats the opponent. Blocking reduces the opponent’s action bar and forces them to pass the ball away. Each side has a goalkeeper that teams up with the back line player (who is under attack) to defend against attacks and shots. By doing so, the damage done by the attacker is spread out among the goalkeeper and another Hero which reduces the damage for both. Generally, each match tends to go back and forth until one side manages to defeat the other team’s final line of defense for a match-ending goal. The combat is very unique, and rather than simply watching cards attack, there is an actual soccer component to it which can be very strategic. In each match, players can also add a random person’s leader card or a friend’s leader card (once a day) into their team as a temporary 10th member which adds a social aspect to the Story mode. There is also an elemental advantage system in which certain elements deal more damage (Each Hero has an element).

An Arsenal of Powerful Kickers
Soccer Spirits has over 100 unique Heroes to collect. Each Hero has different active and passive skills that can be increased by leveling up, and these skills, as well as their stats and element type, determine their usefulness in various team compositions. In addition, each Hero is voice-acted with a couple different lines (in Japanese) which add some charm and personality to them. Most of them also appear in the story. Heroes range from 1-5 stars and are one of five elements that play a large factor in matches. Heroes can be evolved with enough #-star Elementals (i.e. Evolving a Hero from 3 to 4 stars requires two 4-star Elementals, two 3-star Elementals, and 32,000 gold). Elementals can be obtained randomly from completing matches or Gacha summons, and require quite a bit of time to farm since a lot of Elementals are needed to evolve multiple Heroes, and higher evolutions require more and more Elementals. Each Hero also has a certain Cost and teams have a Cost limit (that increases as players level up) that require players to strategically sort their formations in order to create the most efficient team under the Cost limit. In terms of graphics, the game has very well-drawn anime-inspired artwork with quite a lot of fan service in the form of scantily clad women and lolicon girls.

PVP and Additional Modes
In addition to the main Story mode, there is a PVP mode as well as two additional PVE modes. In the Galaxy League (PVP), players can battle against other players’ teams (which are controlled by the computer AI) asynchronously. Although players cannot battle against real players online in real-time, the asynchronous battles work fine with the game’s combat system. Players are placed into leagues (Bronze, Silver, etc.) based on their ranking and are given a list of 6 players to fight each day. Defeating players gives gold and experience, and maintaining a consecutive winning streak gives attack power and HP boosts, bonus gold, and additional GP which can be exchanged for special items. There are also two additional PVE modes called: Space Time Continuum and Colosseum, which includes Colosseum of Despair and Colosseum of Trials. Space Time Continuum features a variety of daily matches against many different enemy teams, most of which are meant for higher leveled players. The two Colosseums feature many floors to climb and each floor involves defeating opponents in a match with each floor getting progressively harder. All modes give gold, experience, GP, and potentially new Heroes and Crystals, and add more variety to the game.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)
The main in-app purchases in Soccer Spirits involve summoning Heroes via the game’s Draw (Gacha) system. Players can use Crystals (premium currency) to summon random 3-5 star Heroes (or Elementals) or Friend Points to summon 1-3 star Heroes. Occasionally the game gives out free 3-5 star summons and if players don’t receive a 5-star Hero within 43 summons, their 44th summon is a guaranteed 5-star Hero, which is a generous offer by the publishers. Elementals can also be summoned in place of Heroes which are used to evolve Heroes. Players can also receive free Crystals for completing leagues in the Story mode, from achievements, and from login rewards. Additionally, players can use Crystals to replenish their stamina which allows them to play more matches each day. Spending money ultimately offers advantages in obtaining better Heroes to add to the team or to power up other Heroes, obtaining Elementals to evolve Heroes, and having more stamina to play longer. Obtaining the best team does not require spending any money but will take a much longer time.

Final Verdict – Great
Soccer Spirits is an impressive mobile CCG with a strategic and unique soccer themed combat system that is simple to use yet surprisingly in-depth. Although the story has limited appeal and the game requires a lot of grinding and farming to upgrade Heroes, it is a very addictive game with innovative combat and beautiful anime-inspired artwork that even players not fond of CCGs will likely enjoy.


Soccer Spirits Screenshots


Soccer Spirits Videos

Soccer Spirits - Official Trailer [HD]

System Requirements

Soccer Spirits Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 2.3 and up / iOS 6.0 or later.


Soccer Spirits Music & Soundtrack

Additional Information

Soccer Spirits Additional Information

Developer: Com2uS
Publisher: Com2uS
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: August 21, 2014

Soccer Spirits was developed and published by Com2uS, a Korea-based publisher behind the highly popular mobile games, Summoners War and Kung Fu Pets. Soccer Spirits is Com2uS’s first CCG on mobile that features over 30 professional voice actors and a unique soccer theme. Soccer Spirits reached 2 million downloads worldwide one year after its release and launched Season 2 on May 2015 which included many new cards and stages. Com2uS is also the publisher of the mobile RPGs, Soul Seeker and East Legend.


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