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SpellKnights is a third-person fantasy shooter that pits four knights who control the elements against each other in arena-style battles. Utilize the elements: water, fire, earth, and wind, to outsmart your opponent in combat and achieve victory.

Publisher: OGSeries
Playerbase: Low
Type: Shooter
Release Date: June 28, 2016
Pros: +Easy to learn, hard to master. +Strategic gameplay. +Character customization.
Cons: -Poor optimization. -Only two game modes. -No single player mode.

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SpellKnights Overview

SpellKnights is a third-person multiplayer arena shooter that is centered around elemental strategy, eSports-focused competition, and mana management. Take control of a magical knight who controls the elements of Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind, and enter the game's multiple interactive arena stages to fight for dominance. The gameplay is focused on long-ranged elemental magic casting at enemy players, short-ranged melee fighting, and shield deployment on treacherous 4-person arenas. Be the only player alive in the 4-person last man standing mode, or join a team and fight against another team of two with a partner. Pick up a variety of power-ups and mana regenerating orbs across each map, giving you a strategic edge over slower players.

SpellKnights Key Features:

  • Fantasy Shooter Combat – cast spells from the third-person perspective in an all-out duel between wizards.
  • Arena Multiplayer – fight other players in a variety of uniquely themed arenas such as the Temple, the Cove, the Jail, and more.
  • Elemental Strategy – strategically utilize water, fire, earth, and wind spells, and shields to outsmart your opponent while managing your mana usage.
  • Character Customization – use a variety of character skins, weapon models, and banner emblems to stand out and prove your ability as strongest mage.
  • Interactive Arenas – pick up mana regenerating orbs and unique power-ups, using jump boosts to navigate across each treacherous map.

SpellKnights Screenshots

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SpellKnights Featured Video

Spellknights Early Access Trailer

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SpellKnights Review

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SpellKnights Screenshots


SpellKnights Videos

SpellKnights | GamePlay PC 1080p@60 fps | Unreal Engine 4

System Requirements

SpellKnights System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) or better
CPU: Dual-Core 2.0 GHz
RAM: 4000 MB
Graphics: DirectX10 comptabile with 1 GB VRAM
Hard Drive: 7GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 8 or better
CPU: i5-3570k 3.40 GHz
RAM: 8000 MB
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
Hard Drive: 7GB


SpellKnights Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

SpellKnights Additional Information

Developer: Mechanical Boss
Publisher: OGSeries

Steam Greenlight Posting: January 30, 2016
Steam Greenlight Success: February 15, 2016

Kickstarter Launch: February 26, 2016
Kickstarter Failed: March 27, 2016

Release Date (Early Access): June 28, 2016
Release Date: TBA

Development History / Background:

SpellKnights is developed by Mechanical Boss, a game developer located in Spain specializing in eSports games, and published by OGSeries, a competitive gaming platform focused on eSports and LAN gameplay. The game was developed in Unreal Engine 4 and was posted on Steam Greenlight on January 30, 2016, and was greenlit on February 15, 2016. The game ran a Kickstarter on February 26, 2016 asking for €10,000 to fund its servers. Raising only €1,330, the game's Kickstarter failed on March 27, 2016. It was released for Early Access on June 28, 2016 and is planned to launch fully with dedicated servers and a competitive mode within two months of its Early Access release.