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Tank Fighter 2

Tank Fighter 2 is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game that focuses on PvP tank warfare, base-building, and equipment customization. Pilot your tank and command your units to dominate your enemies and become the top tank fighter in a variety of game modes.

Publisher: Sunset Games
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Browser-Based Strategy
Release Date: November 18, 2016
Pros: +Lightweight Flash-based player. +Variety of tanks and units. +Multiple game modes.
Cons: -Mediocre graphics. -Pay-to-win elements. -Slow pacing.

Tank Fighter 2


Tank Fighter 2 Overview

Tank Fighter 2 is a free-to-play strategy tank fighter available through Facebook, built with Flash Player for browser and computer compatibility. Become a warlord and command your private army from your headquarters, building up your defenses and creating new technologies for use in combat. Upgrade buildings and generate resources to increase the number of units and technology available for you to utilize in battle. Control a variety of tanks with WASD controls, using your mouse to unleash targeted weapon attacks on your foes. Pick between a variety of tanks and equip them with powerful weaponry, armor, and technology such as miniguns, flame throwers, homing missiles, and more. Drive your customized tanks into PvE or PvP combat, taking on a variety of game modes that include four-person team deathmatch, survival, base attack, and dueling. Recruit units to support your tank, with unlockable units including fighter jets, infantry, ground vehicles, and more, and direct them to tactically engage your foes.

Tank Fighter 2 Key Features:

  • Control a Tank in Battle – control one of many powerful tanks with WASD keys, using your mouse to aim your weaponry, command squadrons, and unleash mayhem on the enemy.
  • Build and Fortify Your Base – upgrade and personalize your home base, building it from the ground up to become a powerful force for military resources that allows you to create new units, technologies, and tanks.
  • Train and Command An Army – recruit a variety of units to command in a squad, including vehicle units such as buggies, infantry fighters with a variety of weaponry, and jet fighters that can wipe out the competition.
  • Multiple Game Modes – partake in a variety of game modes that include base attacks of other players and NPCs, deathmatch, dueling, team deathmatch, and survival gameplay.
  • Variety of Tanks and Units – research and purchase a wide variety of tanks and units with different strengths and weaknesses that can be strategically combined to counter threats posed by your foe.

Tank Fighter 2 Screenshots

Tank Fighter 2 Featured Video

Tank Fighter - Drive The Tank. Command Your Army. Lead The Path To Victory!

Full Review

Tank Fighter 2 Review

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Tank Fighter 2 Screenshots


Tank Fighter 2 Videos

Tank Fighter Game Footage


Tank Fighter 2 Online Links

Tank Fighter 2 Official Website
Tank Fighter 2 Facebook

System Requirements

Tank Fighter 2 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Mac OSX 10.6 / Ubuntu 14.04 or better
CPU: Intel i3 or AMD Phenom/Athlon II or better
Flash Version: 11.1 or higher

Tank Fighter 2 is a browser-based MMO and will run smoothly on practically any PC. The game was tested and works well on Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Any modern web-browser should run the game smoothly.


Tank Fighter 2 Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Tank Fighter 2 Additional Information

Developer: Sunset Games
Publisher: Sunset Games

Release Date: November 18, 2016

Development History / Background:

Tank Fighter 2 is developed and published by Sunset Games, a Facebook game developer known for the original Tank Fighter and for Lily & Brix: Time Adventure. The original Tank Fighter was launched in 2012 on Facebook, its sequel launching four years later on November 18, 2016. The second game added features such as a new design, better performance, new weaponry and tanks, tank storage, in-game chat, four player team deathmatch, and more.


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  • Love this game, been playing since TF1 went out back in 2012, glad they finally released this one, exciting times for TF players.

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