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Wild Terra

Wild Terra is a top-down survival MMO where players collect resources, build weapons, and forge their home in a landscape inhabited by animals both docile and fierce. But the most dangerous game is other players. Build your base, team up, and fight, and discover how long you can survive.

Publisher: Juvty Worlds
Playerbase: TBD
Type: Sandbox Survival RPG
Release Date: May 06, 2015
Pros: +Easy crafting system. +Low system requirements.  +Large game world. +8 languages supported.
Cons: -Some screen tearing. -Building congestion. 



Wild Terra Overview

Wild Terra is a sandbox survival MMO set in a medieval European landscape. Travel through verdure forests and sandy deserts in search of resources. Collect wood and stones to forge primitive tools, and hunt wildlife like rabbits and turkeys but tread carefully around ferocious wolves. Establish a homestead among the woodlands and secure your belongings by building walls, slowly expanding your territory. But you're not alone in the wilderness. Other players are also struggling to survive and will make the choice between cooperation and war. Be on your guard around strangers and work to forge alliances. Break down player walls and steal their resources while reinforcing your own territory with incremental upgrades. Equip yourself with durable armor and sharp weapons and clash with your neighbors.

Wild Terra Key Features:

  • No NPC's - everything in the world of Wild Terra is created by players so you'll have to either create items yourself or trade with other players.
  • Base building - forge your homestead and upgrade your halls to secure yourself and your belongings, aiming to create a stately castle.
  • Extensive Crafting - transform resources into tools, buildings, armor, and weapons through an easy to use crafting system.
  • Open PvP - everyone is vulnerable to attacks at all times so be wary of strangers and be sure to arm yourself.

Wild Terra Screenshots

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Wild Terra Review

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Wild Terra Screenshots


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System Requirements

Wild Terra System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux
CPU: Intel core i5 processor or higher
Video Card: 256mb video card or higher

Wild Terra is also available on Mac OS X and Linux.


Wild Terra Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Wild Terra Additional Information

Developer: Juvty Worlds

Other Platforms: Mac OS X, Linux
Other Languages: French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

Early Access: May 06, 2015

Development History / Background:

Wild Terra is developed by Russia-base development studio Juvty Worlds.  The team is also responsible for creating the free to play browser strategy game Melting World Online.