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Wolf Team

Wolf Team is a 3D lobby-based tactical FPS with a unique spin on the genre players can transform into werewolves and perform powerful melee attacks.

Publisher: Aeria Games
Playerbase: Medium
Type: MMO Shooter
Release Date: May 11, 2010 (NA/EU)
Pros: +Unique werewolf transformation. +Stats are recorded. +Killing spree system. +Good variety of weapons. +8 different wolf mutations.
Cons: -Very powerful cash shop items. -No permanent weapons (except starting guns).



Wolf Team Overview

Wolf Team is a tactical lobby-based FPS that's similar to games like BlackShot, CrossFire, and Combat Arms, but with a twist players can transform into werewolves. Upon transformation, players gain much more mobility, bonus health, and a powerful melee attack, but lose the ability to use their guns. Players can transform back and forth at will, and this dynamic creates a unique gameplay experience unlike any other in the Korean MMOFPS genre. Wolf Team is essentially a mix of traditional tactical shooter gameplay with a unique transformation system that makes gameplay more varied and deep.

Wolf Team Key Features:

  • Unique Transformation Element mix of tactical FPS gameplay with werewolf transformation that grants bonus health, movement, and melee damage.
  • Variety of Weapons over 40 weapons, most of which can be upgraded up 4 times for increased stats.
  • Tons of Different Maps and Modes 39+ maps and 5+ game modes (Death Match, Conquest, Ice Hold, Destruction, and Wolf Hunt).
  • Customize Your Game – game modes can be further customized: Pistol Only, Sniper Only, Wolf Only, No Wolf transformation, etc.
  • 8 Different Wolf Mutations – wolves can be customized with Tattoos for bonus stats. 8 Different Wolf mutations keeps things varied.

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Full Review

Wolf Team Review

By Omer Altay

Wolf Team, sometimes spelled Wolfteam without the space for some odd reason, is a 3D lobby-based tactical MMO shooter published by Aeria Games and developed by Softnyx. Wolf Team began its closed beta testing in the US through Aeria Games on June 24, 2009 and launched into open beta on July 9, 2009 as "Wolf T." Oddly, the global English version of the game has been available through the developer's website since October, 2007. If Softnyx rings a bell for some readers, it's because they're the company behind Gunbound and Rakion – two classic MMOs that a lot of players hold close to their hearts. Despite being another tactical shooter in a world with dozens of Korean tactical shooters, Wolf Team actually does quite a bit to differentiate itself – mainly through its key wolf transformation system, where players can transform into powerful melee werewolves with increased mobility. More on that later though. Those looking for a unique FPS experience may find something to like in Wolf Team.

Starting Out!

Upon logging into Wolf Team for the first time, players are prompted to pick a “call sign” which will be their name in the game going forward. Aside from picking a name, there's no actual appearance customization. Players need to buy items in the shop to differentiate themselves from others. Wolf Team features a tutorial, but it's optional and the game doesn't even prompt new players to check it out. The tutorial is a bit tedious, but does give players some free gear, so it's worth completing. There are several human tutorials and even more Wolf tutorials that explain the basics of the game.

Like other FPS games, players move with WSAD and aim + shoot with the mouse. There's a decent amount of weapon variety in Wolf Team with dozens of primary weapons available for purchase and the usual array of game modes found in most Korean FPS games. Weapons with upgrade slots shown in the store can be upgraded up to 4 times to increase their effectiveness. Despite having a decent variety of maps, "Arrival" on Deathmatch seems to be the most popular, and has been the most popular for years. Even when I first played Wolf Team back in 2008, "Arrival" was still the most popular map.


Like other tactical shooters, a single head shot or a good short burst of bullets is enough to put anyone down. At least, anyone in human form. Players in Wolf Team can transform into a powerful melee-oriented wolf with increased mobility by hitting the “3” key at any time. In modes where wolves are disabled, this key pulls out your knife. Upon transforming, players are granted a large amount of temporary HP that slowly decreases as players remain in this form. It usually makes sense to transform when enemies get closer, because wolves only have melee attacks. I typically transform when I need to reload in a tight spot or an enemy wolf is approaching.

Unique Wolf Gameplay

Aside from just having more HP and dealing more damage, players in wolf form have much more mobility. Almost like GunZ 2, players can literally run on walls. Wolves can be disabled in the game lobby though, so those looking for a traditional Wolf Team experience should join games that allow both human and wolf form. Players can customize their wolves by purchasing and equipping various tattoos that enhance various stats. I can't emphasize enough how unique this transformation mechanic is. It requires players to master two entirely different playstyles to be effective in battle. It also requires players to constantly think strategically, as transforming isn't instant and takes a couple seconds, during which players are vulnerable to attack.

Loadouts and WP

Wolf Team has an odd system for configuring loadouts. Wolf Team allows players to have 4 different load outs, each with a primary, secondary, and a grenade, but re-spawning and choosing one of these loadouts requires a certain amount of WP, depending on the strength of the weapons in that loadout. Players earn WP simply by getting kills and assists. Think of WP as cash in Counter-Strike. WP only lasts for that round and can be used to equip better loadouts. This system is meant to balance the more powerful weapons by giving them a higher WP cost, so players can't use them every single round, assuming of course they don't get tons of kills with their OP weapons, in which case they can just keep re-spawning with them.

Cash Shop... Ugh.

Where Wolf Team really disappoints is its cash shop – largely because it has some pay-to-win elements. The most obvious example of P2W in Wolf Team is the “gear” available in the item store. For example, things like boots, kevlar, and gloves can only be purchased with Aeria Points (AP), the game's premium currency. The gear increases defense and alters stats, so it has an impact on the game. Players can unlock additional characters as well with AP, each of which has varying bonus stats. Certain weapons can also only be acquired with AP, which makes the cash shop even more ridiculous. With over 40 characters available for purchase, Wolf Team has a ton of variety, but since EVERY character has better stats than the starting one and costs AP, there's not even an illusion of balance. Skill can obviously overcome some pay-to-win advantages, but it's silly how pay-to-win Wolf Team is.

Aside from weapons available in human form, those willing to open up their wallets can also gain tremendous advantages in wolf form. Wolf Team's third currency is called Wolf Coins (WC) and it can only be obtained by either playing the game for 90 minute intervals, participating in events, or spending Aeria Points. Playing the game long enough to get a meaningful amount of Wolf Coins can take a LONG time, which makes spending cash the only practical way of ever getting enough Wolf Coins to buy anything with them. Wolf Coins can be used to unlock items in the WC shop which includes powerful regular weapons, wolf tattoos, and more.

Weapon Shop for Free-to-Play Users

Players do start with 20,000G, the game's regular currency, which can be used to rent weapons. Unlike Soldier Front 2, weapons are not permanent and can be rented anywhere for either 1, 7, 30, or 90 days at a time. Unfortunately, the starting 20K isn't even enough to rent a single weapon for 30 days, but since weapons can be rented for a day at a time, players can purchase a lot of different weapons and experiment to see what they're best with, and eventually save up enough gold to rent that weapon for longer stretches of time. Farming up enough gold to rent a single powerful weapon for even a day takes a LOT of grinding. Players can expect to get anywhere from 100-400 gold per round, depending on the length and player performance.

Other Thoughts

Another odd thing about Wolf Team is that the game really doesn't like to be minimized. I found myself unable to access my other monitors with the game minimized, but since most gamers aren't running a dual monitor set up, this isn't exactly a big deal. Like other tactical shooters, whoever hosts a lobby can set the game rules and setups like Snipers Only is fairly common. Room hosts can also set it up so wolves are disabled, which many rooms do, since some of the higher-end wolves are incredibly overpowered and can 1 shot humans or two-shot normal wolves. Playing against opponents who have the most powerful wolves with the best gear is incredibly stupid, because no amount of skill can defeat the higher-end wolves, which creates a very frustrating environment for most players.

Final Verdict – Good

Wolf Team is a surprisingly fun game with an innovative wolf transformation system. The biggest drawback though, and a serious one, is its pay-to-win elements. Expect other players to just have more better stats and more powerful guns than you. With a more balanced cash shop, Wolf Team could be so much more.


Wolf Team Videos

System Requirements

Wolf Team System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.4 GHz
Video Card: GeForce 5700 / Radeon 7600
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB*

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.2 GHz
Video Card: GeForce 6800 / Radeon 9550
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB*

The official system requirements state that Wolf Team only requires 800MB, but this is 100% incorrect. The download for the game is over 1 GB by itself and upon installing it, the game takes up ~2.5GB of hard disk space. 3 GB is a much more accurate number for the game's hard disk requirement.


Wolf Team Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Wolf Team Additional Information

Developer: Softnyx
Game Engine: LithTech

Closed Beta: June 24, 2009 (Aeria Games)
Open Beta:
July 9, 2009 (Aeria Games)

Foreign Release:

South Korea: October, 2007 (Softnyx)
Global English: October, 2007 (Softnyx)
Global Spanish: June, 2008 (Softnyx)
Global Arabic: July, 2009 (Softnyx)
Turkey: September, 2009 (Joygame)
Germany: June, 2010 (Aeria Games)
China: September, 2010 (TCIPlay)
France: May, 2011 (Aeria Games)
Russia: July, 2011 (Aeria Games)
Poland: September, 2011 (Aeria Games)

Wolfteam is available in numerous different countries in numerous different languages. Those unsure which version to play should try the global version self-published by Softnyx

Development History / Background:

Wolf Team, sometimes spelled without the space as Wolfteam, was developed by South Korean game studio Softnyx and built on the LithTech engine. Softnyx is the same studio best known for developing Gunbound and Rakion. The game originally launched through Softnyx as a self-published title in South Korea and various other regions in 2007, but Aeria Games acquired the license for North America and Europe and launched their version on July 9, 2009. Wolf Team has a surprisingly strong community in Turkey where it's published by JoyGame.