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Zezenia Online

Zezenia Online is a 2D fantasy MMORPG with pixel art graphics and a variety of content to explore that spans over four continents. Pick from one of the three starting classes: Warrior, Mage, or Ranger, and choose your subclass after hitting level 30 that adds new spells and abilities to your skillset.

Publisher: Saucer Software
Playerbase: Low
Release Date: September 1, 2008
Pros: +Multiple classes and subclasses. +Player-owned housing. +Dedicated userbase. +Customizable UI.
Cons: -Clunky controls. -No sound or animations. -Limited documentation.

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Zezenia Online Overview

Zezenia Online is a free-to-play 2D MMORPG, similar to Tibia, where players control one of three classes: Warrior, Ranger, or Mage, and can be upgraded into seven unique subclasses that feature their own set of spells. Enter the game and complete the quick tutorial to get a handle on game mechanics, such as text-based NPC interactions, quest completion, and the game's simple combat system. Begin on the continent of Nyrathia and enter the capital city Ellaria to begin your journey, guided by quest NPCs to a variety of shops and enemy caves. The game lacks detailed documentation and features a basic user interface, which forces players to explore to find information and continue on improving their characters. Some of its features include a potion brewing system, open world PvP, arenas, warzones, guild wars, and a 3v3 soccer arena.

Zezenia Online Key Features:

  • Multiple Classes and Subclasses – start the game as a Warrior, Ranger, or Mage, and upgrade your character at level 30 to access subclasses such as Barbarian, Marksman, and Warlock.
  • Expansive Game World – travel across four large continents and a variety of cities on your search for more powerful enemies and loot.
  • Hardcore Audience – interact with players who have been playing the game for a long time and have mastered the mechanics with little documentation.
  • Open World PvP – fight other players at any time on the game's PvP servers, or join the PvE server for PvP secluded to arenas, warzones, and guild wars.
  • Player Housing – bid on housing across the continents and store your valuables in a permanent physical location.

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Zezenia Online Screenshots


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System Requirements

Zezenia Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP SP3 or newer
CPU: 1.0GHz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics: Hardware accelerated
Hard Drive: 200MB available space


Zezenia Online Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Zezenia Online Additional Information

Developer: Saucer Software
Publisher: Saucer Software

Release Date: September 1, 2008
Release Date (Steam): July 7, 2016

Development History / Background:

Zezenia Online is developed and published by Saucer Software, a small indie game development company based in Finland. The game's code and art was created from scratch and initially launched on September 1, 2008. It has continually been updated since its 2008 release with new content. Looking to grow its audience, the game was released on the Steam platform on July 7, 2016 after being greenlit through Steam Greenlight.

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