Tencent QQ Game Account China

MMOs.com is selling Tencent QQ Game accounts that can be used to play Tencent's games in China. These accounts are fully verified and have been phone activated. Normally these accounts are free to register, but registering them on your own can be difficult. The easiest way to play games on Tencent's QQ platform is to just buy an already registered Tencent QQ game account from us.

Availability: In Stock!
Price: $19.99

We only accept payment via paypal for the time being (Paypal can process credit card transactions too, even if you don't have an account with them!)

These accounts can be used for any open beta / released game on Tencent's platform including Moonlight Blade, Monster Hunter Online, and more. Tencent is the biggest game developer / publisher in China and has countless PC and Mobile games. For a full list of their games click here.

After purchasing an account, download and log into the Tencent Game Platform (TGP) using the QQ number and password we send you. From there you can download and play any of their games. TGP is basically Tencent's version of Steam. You can access their library of games from there.


Q) When will I get my account after I send payment?

A) Within 24 hours. Usually within an hour! We will send your account info to email address tied to your paypal account!

Q) Will I need to use a VPN to play the games on Tencent QQ?

A) Not always. I've personally played Moonlight Blade WITHOUT a VPN, but some games may require one. Check out our list of best VPNs for MMORPGs to find a good VPN to use if you do need one.

Q) What guarantees do you offer on these accounts? How can I keep my account safe?

A) We guarantee the accounts work the day you get them from us. We have 0 control over it afterwards. We can not guarantee these accounts will work forever, as Tencent may try and detect and ban all accounts being used by foreigners at some point. I've personally never had an issue with my own account and odds are you won't either, but obviously we can't predict the future. To make sure your account never gets banned, we recommend connecting with a Chinese VPN, as Tencent may decide to ban accounts tied to foreign ips from time to time. If you connect from a Chinese VPN, your account should never have an issue. You can still connect WITHOUT a VPN, but it may cause issues later (I've yet to have an issue).

Q) Can I change my password?

A) No. These accounts have been activated with one of our phone numbers and changing a password requires phone verification. No one else will have your account information though, so your account will be secure.

Q) Can my account be banned?

A) If you hack or do anything against Tencent's terms of service your account may get banned.

Q) Refund Policy?

A) This is a non-refundable purchase. We guarantee these accounts work before we deliver them to your email!

Other questions? Feel free to contact me before buying!

Omer at MMOs.com

  • lol MMOs can't always rely on ad revenue 😉

    Very interesting though. May get one before the end of the month

    • Tina

      Skirting on the edge of legality I'd think.

      • Not really. We're selling a service where we get the account for you. There's nothing illegal about it. Worst case scenario is its against tencent's terms of service. But terms of service are not legally binding. It's like saying if you troll in League of Legends it's illegal (it's not). Any purchases made from us here will help support the website too!

  • Starfoxx

    MY GOD YOU WANT $24.99 FOR AN ACCOUNT? Isn't this game free to play?! I understand the difficult process of logging in, but you my friends have CAPITALIZED majorly on this. I'll just keep looking for something else, I only wanted this game for the character creator anyway, so I'm gonna save myself some headache now and some money and quit while I'm ahead.

  • Jas K

    I would like to buy using bitcoin, paypal can't use my country's credit card, let me know if you can accept bitcoin as a payment

    • I sent you an email. If you didn't get it you can always contact me at omer@mmos.com - and yes we accept BTC. Use conversion ratio on google 19.99 usd to btc at time of payment. I send you a wallet address to send payment to.

  • Crystal-Shadow

    are you still selling qq accounts?

  • Abdellah Elsaid

    Hello Tencent
    i got banned yasterday for 1day and i don't know why and today i played for 1 hour and got banned again for 1day can i know why or how to fix it?