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nexon-kr is selling verified Nexon Korea accounts which can be used to access games on Nexon's South Korean portal over at These accounts are fully verified and good to go. Normally these accounts are free to register, but it's difficult for Westerners to make them as you need to use a Korean Social Security Number or a Korean Phone Number during the account creation process.

The accounts purchased here can be used to play any Nexon KR game EXCEPT: Dungeon Fighter, Cyphers, Final Fantasy XIV, HeroWarz, and Mabinogi Heroes (Vindictus).

Availability: No Longer Available
Price: $19.99

We only accept payment via paypal for the time being (Paypal can process credit card transactions too, even if you don't have an account with them!)

PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER After purchasing! For some reason these emails have been hitting spam folders!


Important: There's a chance your account may get flagged for suspicious behavior and may require re-verification. If this happens it means your account is lost. WE DO NOT re-verify accounts. Only logging in from 1 IP and never sharing your account works well for most people, but there have been reports of people getting their account flagged even when doing this. I strongly recommend using a VPN and connecting with a Korean IP if you want to best avoid this issue.

Q) When will I get my account after I send payment?

A) Within 24 hours. Usually within an hour! We will send your account info to email address tied to your paypal account! You will receive your account log in information, Birthday, Email address used to register the account, the email's password, and the KR name on the account.

Q) Will I need to use a VPN to play the games on Nexon KR?

A) Not always. I've personally played Hyper Universe Online, Closers Online, and a handful of other Nexon KR games without using a VPN. I believe most of Nexon's games can be downloaded and played without a VPN. I do recommend using a VPN though if you have a paid one, as it'll ensure your account doesn't get banned. I also recommend you don't change your IP address often, as doing so may require you to re-verify your account and that's not something we do for customers.

Q) What guarantees do you offer on these accounts?

A) We guarantee the accounts work the day you get them from us. We have 0 control over it afterwards. We can not guarantee these accounts will work forever, as Nexon KR may try and detect and ban all accounts being used by foreigners at some point. I've personally never had an issue with my own account and odds are you won't either, but obviously we can't predict the future.

Also - logging into the account from too many different IP addresses will get your account locked out and we cannot help with reauthentication. Do not share your account and only log in from your main device! We do not offer help for re-authentication simply because we cannot reauthenticate the accounts. There's nothing we can do.

Q) Can my account be banned?

A) If you hack or do anything against Nexon's terms of service they can ban your account. I've personally never had any issues playing Nexon games without a VPN, but using a VPN is probably a good idea.

Q) Refund Policy?

A) No. This is a non-refundable purchase. We guarantee these accounts work the day we deliver them to your email!

Other questions? Feel free to contact me before buying!

Omer at



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