Conquer Online Gameplay - Grindfest Friday

Conquer Online Gameplay Grindfest Friday -

Conquer Online Grindfest Friday

Conquer Online grindfest Friday video with Omer and Erhan. We downloaded and played some Conquer Online - an old school (2004) fantasy MMORPG with a strong emphasis on PvP. The game is developed and published by Netdragon, the same company behind Eudemons Online. While Conquer Online hasn't aged too well the game still remains fairly popular today. We played it through the PC client but it's also available on mobile. The most ridiculous aspect of the game was its anti-bot / anti-cheating policy. Players who get caught for botting/cheating can get unbanned through the cash shop by spending real money.



  • This game used to be my jam... so so long ago. My first P2W free MMORPG if I remember correctly.

  • i wasted alot of money on this game lol there was no auto pathing or any quest then or not very much and that auto bot thing that thay now have in the game use to get ppl baned

  • Justin Ashcraft

    this game is on mobile, had a great tiem with friends.

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