Conquer Online's Monk Awakens On January 7th


The Monk class was introduced to the world of Conquer Online in 2008. Due to its combination of area of effect attacks, high melee damage, and tank-like qualities, it received "overall positive reception" from Conquer Online's playerbase. On January 7th, Conquer Online's latest expansion Awakening of the Monk, will add a new Epic Weapon and three new Epic Skills for the Monk class.

With the launch of this expansion, Monks will be able to complete "some challenging quests" in order to turn their beads into the Monk's Epic Weapon—Divine Pillar. Those with the Divine Pillar equipped will deal more melee damage. It will also look fairly flashy, with as a "wild dragon swirls around the weapon, symbolizing its power and strength."

The three new Epic Skills are called Infernal Echo, Grace of Heaven, and Wrath of the Emperor. Infernal Echo and Grace of Heaven require two Epic Weapons to be equipped. When Infernal Echo is cast, the player strikes the ground with the Divine Pillar, summoning "holy pillars" around the player at random and "inflicting continuous normal damage [to] the target." Grace of Heaven increases your Maximum Stamina. Wrath of the Emperor is a passive skill that deals normal damage to targets "within a certain range" when an Epic Weapon is equipped.

More information is set to be released on the official website leading up to the expansion's release.