Duel of Summoners Gameplay

Duel of Summoners First Look By Omer

Duel of Summoners is a free to play trading card game developed and published by Nexon based on the Mabinogi franchise. The game is actually a PC port of Mabinogi Duel which is available on Mobile and has been out since 2015. Construct 12 card decks and play against random opponents online in ranked matches or complete the game's story driven campaign. The core gameplay mechanics in Duel of Summoners is unique, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be too much room for strategy. While I don't think Duel of Summoners has any chance against Hearthstone or even Shadowverse, it can still be fun. Despite being a PC port of the mobile Mabinogi Duel, the PC and mobile versions have no cross-platform play.