Lineage 2: Revolution Gameplay Second Look (English Release)

Lineage 2: Revolution Second Look By Omer

Lineage 2: Revolution is a free to play mobile MMORPG developed and published by the South Korean gaming giant Netmarble. It's based off the Lineage 2 franchise and features many of the same characters and classes. The game soft launched in English in June, 2017 after becoming a huge hit in South Korea (regularly the highest grossing mobile game there). The game features automated combat with a large persistent world. While auto combat can be a dealbreaker for some, dungeons and PvP outside the easiest difficulties require manual control. It's built on Unreal Engine 4 and has some solid production value.

If you want to play Lineage 2: Revolution on the PC we recommend using Nox Player, our favorite android emulator, and the one Omer uses to record all his android footage. Download it here.

  • jesus calderon

    yo Omer man i when i was downloading apk pure its says its not safe to download what gives im using Android phone

    • kazadina

      its save to download the file it happens to me to but its like a security thing

  • Augosyx

    I thought this game is like HIT. Not too much focused on MMO elements. I like the game but I'm not the typed who'd play MMOs in a mobile game. Love the game though.

  • jakbon2015 Shop

    after playing COC 5 years, i decided to play this game. Tried so many games before not even one game get my attention, but this one game quite good. I played on bluestack.