Podcast - Episode 81: ArchAge, Player Housing, Hacking Illegal & More Podcast Episode 81 - Omer (@remotayx), Erhan (Ehaltay), Matt (@Mattchuranu), Sean (@sean_sulliva), and Shurelya (@Shureria).

This is episode eighty-one of the Podcast and we look at the most recent news and happenings in the MMO and gaming world. We started off with the weekly raid as usual which was "Will You Play ArcheAge When Update 3.0 Launches?" We then discussed housing in MMORPGs like Twin Saga, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and more. We talked about our ideal player housing systems and what we'd like to see one day. We then talked about the new hacking law in South Korea that makes creating and distributing hacks illegal and punishable by jail time. As always, we got side tracked from side to time and didn't get to bring up everything we wanted to, but had fun!

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The Weekly Raid: Will You Play ArcheAge When Update 3.0 Launches?