Podcast - Episode 85: 2017 Flops, Revelation, Moonlight Blade & More Podcast Episode 85 - Omer (@remotayx), Erhan (Ehaltay), and Matt (@Mattchuranu) and Sean (@sean_sulliva).

This is episode eighty-five of the Podcast and we look at the most recent news and happenings in the MMO and gaming world. Both Sean and Shurelia are back this week for a full house! As always we started off with the Weekly Raid, "What will be the most disappointing MMO of 2017?" We talked about Shroud of the Avatar, Conan Exiles, and a few other games. Despite the doom and gloom, we did point out the entire MMO genre is still growing, despite the lack of big Western triple A releases. We talked a bit about the upcoming Revelation Online animated movie and various other video game movies. We also talked Moonlight Blade, as it was revealed this week that it would see a Western release. We ended with a look at the upcoming Chinese MMORPG Treacherous Waters Online, which looks absolutely stunning.

The Weekly Raid: What Will Be The Most Disappointing MMO Of 2017?

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