Sunday Funday Round 74 – Hyper Universe

Hyper Universe Sunday Funday Gameplay Video

Hyper Universe is a free to play side scrolling action MOBA published by Nexon Korea. The game isn't yet available in the West, but can be played and accessed without the need of a VPN. Players still do need a Nexon KR account to play and the easiest way to get one is to buy it off of websites like NewGameWay (That's the site we used to get our accounts Just buy a Nexon one and it'll be good for all their games). Hyper Universe plays drastically different than traditional MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2 since the game gives players access to all their abilities, except their ult, right from the start (think Heroes of the Storm). We all had fun with this one and hope it'll make its way to the Western market.