Vanilla Journal: Day 14, The "F" In "Fun"


January 21st, 2017 Level 36 /played: 6 days, 12 hours Nearly two weeks after Vanilla’s release and I’m still questing, even with a mucoid nostril pleading with me to take a nap. As of this writing I’m 36, trudging through grime and sludge in the heart of darkness: Stranglethorn Vale. Most people say, “I play games to have fun,” but they’ve [...]

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Grindfest Friday: Shards Online


That's right folks, it's January 20th and it's a grand day because the team is streaming Shards Online. Where: When: That depends on where you live: 7PM EST 4PM PST If you can't make it you can always watch on the YouTube channel once its uploaded. Watch live video from mmosdotcom on

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So You Want To Write About Games, Part 2


This is the second part in a sporadic series of articles about games writing. The principles presented are general rather than specific, but are what I consider the fundamentals any student should remember as they write. Part 2 only touches on two topics for the sake of brevity. But you can also read Part 1 for more general, quickfire principles [...]

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Watch Podcast Episode 87, Live On Twitch


Today is the greatest January 17th of all time, said physicist Stephen Hawking, because today I get to tune in to the Podcast. Where: When: That depends on where you live: 7PM EST 4PM PST On tonight's episode we're asking why internet cafes never caught on in our neighborhoods, delving into a obligatory discussion about Nostalrius/Elysium, highlighting Snail Games' [...]

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Valeera Is Sneaking Into Heroes Of The Storm Soon


The next character to join Heroes of the Storm is the roguish assassin Valeera, the blood elf from Warcraft. She'll sneak across the battlefield with harlequin blades, eviscerating and sinister striking opponents. You'll be able to try her out on the public test realm soon. Blizzards in-development video—which you can watch below—also shows off some new skins, including a lunar Li-Ming [...]

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