Bohemia Interactive To Release Free-To-Play FPS Argo On June 22nd

Bohemia Interactive announced today that it will be releasing a free-to-play FPS called "Argo" on June 22nd. Argo was previously available as a public prototype via the Bohemia Incubator label late last year. Since then, it has a received a number of updates, including UI improvements and "the introduction of an unlock system and leaderboards."

Argo's primary game mode is a 5v5 competitive mode in which players play as mercenaries that are working for "two rival factions." They are sent to an island called "Malden," where they are required to "fight over the remnants of a crashed space station." Each player is given experience, which can be used to unlock new gear, "based on their performance."

Argo also features a cooperative mode called "Combat Patrol" in which 10 players work together to take down AI in a 62km² open world sandbox. Objectives in this mode are randomized and enemy forces are procedurally generated, meaning that each and every session will be different from the last.

Argo will be available completely for free, without microtransactions, on June 22nd. An "Argo Supporter's Pack" containing 14 exclusive end of match MVP screen animations, "22 unique apparel items," and the access to premium servers, and more will be available to those who would like to support the game in some way. Its map and a "variant" of the Combat Patrol mode will also be available to Arma 3 players as a free Malden DLC pack.

You can find more information about Argo on the official website.

Argo - Scenario Spotlight "Clash"