Cryptic Studios

Cryptic Studios is an American MMORPG developer and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Perfect World Entertainment (PWE).

Official Site:
Company Size: Large (100+ employees)
Region(s): North America (HQ), Global
Year Founded: 2000
Phone Number: +1-408-399-1969

Cryptic Studios was founded in 2000 by RPG enthusiasts Michael Lewis and Rick Dakan along with Atari veteran, Bruce Rogers. The company specializes in developing MMORPG's, and since the company's inception, have developed widely-popular titles such as Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. Atari later acquired the company before eventually parting ways in May 2011. They were then acquired by Perfect World Entertainment, a Chinese game developer looking to expand in North America, on May 31, 2011 for over $50 Million. At the time of acquisition, Cryptic Studios was reported to have an estimated annual revenue of $20 Million. PWE later launched Cryptic's Neverwinter into Chinese markets in mid 2015.

Client Games

Online Client Games (Download to play) developed by Cryptic Studios:

City of Heroes/Villains
Champions Online
Star Trek Online

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No download) developed by Cryptic Studios:


Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by Cryptic Studios:


Console Games

Console Games developed by Cryptic Studios:


Contact Information

Cryptic Studios Contact Information

Phone Number: +1-408-399-1969
Fax Number: +1-408-399-1970
Corporate Address: 980 University Avenue, Building D, Los Gatos, CA, 95032-7620, United States

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