The Clock Tower: Celebrating Christmas With Fate/Grand Order NA

Now those of your who have been reading for a long, long time, may remember a recurring series hosted by Shurelya - The Clock Tower, your one-stop shop for all Fate/Grand Order news. Well, with Fate/Grand Order coming to North America earlier this year, and Christmas upon us, it seemed like a good time to dust off, update, and refresh the old guide to the 2015 F/GO Christmas Event, now properly announced in full in North America - Almost Weekly Santa Alter!

The Currencies

Much like the GUDAGUDA Honnoji Event, this Christmas event features 3 currencies to trade for items from a shop, and one bonus currency that is used to roll an in-game slot machine. We have -

  • Gold Stars
  • Silver Bells
  • Mini Ribbons
  • Magical Stockings

Similarly, we also have special Craft Essences that increase the amount of materials we get

  • 5★ Present for my Master - Increases C. Star Gather Rate by 100%, HP Recover amount by 40%, and +1 Gold Star (+2 at Maximum Limit Breakthrough!)
  • 4★ March of the Saint - Restores HP by 200 per turn, increases NP Gauge by 3% per turn, + 1 Silver Bell (+2 at MLB)
  • 3★ Lightning Reindeer - Increases Buster Card effectiveness by 15% for 3 turns, + 1 Mini Ribbon (+2 at MLB)

Gold Stars can be used to buy two Buckets of Chicken (bear with me, these are important), 2 Holy Night Sign Craft Essences (used for rolling the Christmas Slot Gacha), 10 Dragon Scales, 20 Assassin Monuments, 20 Caster Monuments, and 20 Rider Monuments.

If planning to ignore the Monuments, you will need 900 Gold Stars.

Silver Bells can be used to buy one bucket of chicken, 20 Serpent Jewels, 1 Holy Night Sign, and 20 Assassin, Caster, and Rider Pieces.

If planning on ignoring the pieces, you will need 650 Silver Bells

Lastly, Mini Ribbons will get you 1 Holy Night Sign Craft Essence, 1 Chicken Bucket, 50 3★ EXP Cards, 50 4★ EXP Cards, 20 3★ Star Fous, 20 3★ Sun Fous, and 20 Seed of Ygddrassils.

Total, you will need 2,200 Mini Ribbons - 1,950 Ribbons needed if skipping 3★ EXP Cards

Magical Stockings are a bit of a weird currency. You can only increase their total drops through what servants you run in your party, and only get an extra chance of them dropping through the Holy Night Sign Craft Essence. On top of that, you don't buy items with Magical Stockings - you have to roll for them.

Gacha in my Gacha?! 

That's right, those Stockings are used to get "Special Exchange Tickets," where you can use them to purchase additional copies of Saber Santa Alter, this event's free 4★ Servant, to power up her Noble Phantasm. Remember those Buckets of Chicken we mentioned earlier? Those are how you Ascend your gluttonous Santa. This lottery box system will never run out of prizes to give - so if people really want to, they can roll the boxes for prizes until the event expires - with stuff such as Golden Fruit, EXP Cards, and Skill Gems being available in it.


Well, the thing is - it's really difficult to give a "one size fits all" guide. The priority items here are Buckets of Chicken and the Craft Essences. One powers up a FREE 4★ Servant, while the other increases a chance for Magical Stockings to drop.

Here's my advice, which echoes Shurelya's guide of yore - If you are in a rush, get the Fried Chicken Buckets immediately. Then, try to get a few Holy Night Signs from the shop - after that, start farming for Magical Stockings, to try to get Saber Santa Alter's Noble Phantasm level to NP5. Then, take it at your own pace - prioritize what you need first.

This is not like the GUDAGUDA event where Honnoji Points increase exponentially over time. If you plan on rolling the Gacha, do it immediately and at the start - it's better to get lucky in the beginning, rather than to get lucky later on in the middle of the event. Don't feel bad about using Golden Apples either - the event will give them out nicely.

The event shop is less about clearing it out, and more about prioritizing what you need. After all, the event will only run for 10 days - after that, Christmas in Fate/Grand Order will be over, on December 11th! So get what you can, and don't look back! And - have a Happy Holiday Season, From!

Hey there! I'm Barclay-Kallistra, player of video games and piano. I first started playing MMOs with Vindictus, but now play FFXIV, and obsess over Fate/Grand Order.