The Clock Tower: Celebrating Valentine's Day with Fate/Grand Order NA

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Clock Tower. Class is in session, please silence your cell phones, and prepare to pay attention, because today, we're going over the Valentine's Day event for Fate/Grand Order NA: Chocolate Lady's Commotion.

After the high-strung mess that was Saber Wars, which saw Servants such as Okita Souji doing 1.3 Million points of damage in one turn, Chocolate Lady's Commotion is a very laid back event. There's a shop to clear out, but on top of that, there are also special commemorative Craft Essences players can acquire - and the best part? They're Craft Essences your waifus give to you for Valentine's Day!

Lets ignore the Craft Essences for a moment, and ignore the fact that Chevalier d'Eon counts as both a Male and a Female Servant at the same time. Lets start with the shop, and shop currencies. We have a lot of them - nine, in fact.

  • Choco Coin of Saber
  • Choco Coin of Archer
  • Choco Coin of Lancer
  • Choco Coin of Rider
  • Choco Coin of Caster
  • Choco Coin of Berserker
  • Choco Coin of Assassin
  • Choco Coin of All
  • Baking Chocolate

All of those Choco Coins will be traded for the Event Craft Essences, which are mostly commemorative - more on that later - but the trick here is how they interact with the Baking Chocolate.

Choco Coin of All can be traded on a 1:1 ratio for all the other Choco Coins. All Choco Coins, 'All' included, can be traded on a 1:1 ratio for Baking Chocolate. Baking Chocolate itself will grant you the ability to purchase items from the shop - which you will need a total of 26,600 Baking Chocolate if you wish to clear it out, including Ascension Pieces and Monuments, excluding Mana Prisms. For the shop, we have:

  • Melty Sweetheart x4: 400, 600, 800, 1000 Baking Chocolates per
  • 3★ ALL EXP cards x50: 10 Baking Chocolates per
  • 4★ ALL EXP cards x50: 20 Baking Chocolates per
  • 3★ ALL HP Fou x30: 30 Baking Chocolates per
  • 3★ ALL ATK Fou x30: 30 Baking Chocolates per
  • Serpent Jewel x20: 60 Baking Chocolates per
  • Forbidden Page x20: 60 Baking Chocolates per
  • Homunculus Baby x20: 60 Baking Chocolates per
  • Octuplet Crystals x20: 60 Baking Chocolates per
  • Phoenix Feather x20: 60 Baking Chocolates per
  • Dragon's Reverse Scale x10: 150 Baking Chocolates per
  • Crystallized Lore x1: 1,000 Baking Chocolates
  • Mana Prism x1,000: 10 Baking Chocolates per, 10,000 Baking Chocolates total

The Mana Prisms will be a nice chance for people to get more copies of the Mona Lisa Craft Essence, which is still in the shop as of writing this guide. Lets go the Gacha Craft Essences, and Melty Sweetheart.

  • Street Choco Maid, 5★
    • Increases Arts Cards by 10%
    • Increases Quick Cards by 10%
    • Increases HP Recovered by 20%
    • Increase Choco Coin drops by 5, depending on the Servant that carries this Craft Essence.
      • (Kiyohime will give you a bonus of 5 Berserker Choco Coins, Altera will give you a bonus of 5 Saber Choco Coins, etc)
  • Kitchen Patissiere, 4★
    • Increases Critical Star Drop Rate by 15%
    • Increases NP Gain by 15%
    • Increases Choco Coin drops by 3, depending on the Servant that carries this Craft Essence.
  • Valentine Dojo of Tears, 3★
    • Applies Sure hit
    • Increase NP Gauge by 3% per turn
    • Decrease Charm Resistance by 10% [Demerit]
    • Increases Choco Coin drops by 1, depending on the Servant that carries it.
  • Melty Sweetheart, 5★
    • Increases DEF against Male enemies by 100% for 3 hits
    • Increases Critical Star Drop Rate by 10%
    • Increases ALL Choco Coin drops by 2, regardless of the Servant that carries it.

For battles, we have Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Bitter difficulties, at costs of 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 AP, and there are 2 battles per difficulty - for example, you have an Intermediate battle that drops Choco Coins for Saber, Archer, and Lancer only, and a second battle that drops Choco Coins for Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker only. 'All' Choco Coins have a chance to drop from all battles.

If you are going to roll the Gacha, best do it straight away, pray you get a Craft Essence or two, slap it on some Servants, and get to farming. For clearing out the shop, I recommend getting two or three copies of Melty Sweetheart, and then going to town on the hardest difficulty quest you can manage, clearing the shop at your own pace.

As for the Choco Coin Craft Essences, well they are, by in large, useless. They offer no ATK stats, no HP stats, and come at level 80, fully Limit Broken. They are purely commemorative Craft Essences that your female servants have given to you for this Valentine's Day, and offer 30,000 Craft Essence EXP. However, they also increase Choco Coin drops by 2, and cost only 3 Cost to put onto your team, so if you have multiple Lancer CEs you want to purchase, you can buy one, and as a Cost-effective measure, slap it on your team and continue to farm. However, the battles themselves have a lot of RNG in them, in terms of what Choco Coins you get, so it's better to get Melty Sweetheart as fast as possible, start farming coins, and then trade the coins to Baking Chocolate, and start clearing out the shop.

Oh, and Nero Claudius (Bride) is in the Gacha, so roll for her if you want her.

The Valentine's Day event will run from January 25th, until February 3rd - a week and then some days. If your goal is to clear out the Skill & Ascension Material shop, go for it, it's not very hard. If your goal is to collect as many Commemorative Craft Essences as you can...break out the Golden Apples.

Hey there! I'm Barclay-Kallistra, player of video games and piano. I first started playing MMOs with Vindictus, but now play FFXIV, and obsess over Fate/Grand Order.