How to Play Azur Lane on PC

Azur Lane launched in English worldwide on July 16, 2018 for Android and iOS. The game is officially available only on mobile devices, but it is playable on the PC using any of the popular Android emulators and actually plays really well on PC.

How to Play Azur Lane on PC:

Simply download your favorite android emulator and find Azur Lane on the Google play app store then install it (I recommend just using Blue Stacks). I've personally downloaded and played numerous mobile games on my PC using Blue Stacks App Player including Azur Lane and from my experience its the best emulator to play Azur Lane on. While Nox and other emulators are capable of playing Azur Lane as well, I prefer the sleek and easy to use UI of Blue Stacks.

After downloading and installing Blue Stacks or any other emulator, just open up the Google Play store and search 'Azur Lane'. If this is your first time using the emulator, you'll be prompted to log into a Google account the same way you would if you downloaded the game on your actual phone. If you already have an account tied to a particular Gmail address and want to play on your PC, simply log into your existing Gmail account. Using your Gmail account on an Android emulator is perfectly safe, but feel free to use a throwaway Gmail account if you prefer.

One of the primary benefits of playing Azur Lane on the PC, or any mobile game, is the massive performance increase and the ability to customize controls. Blue Stacks boasts 6x the performance as the fastest smart phones on the market. Another major benefit is the ability to customize controls. I actually much prefer using the mouse in Azur Lane over touch controls as it makes dodging incoming attacks much easier. Typing in chat is also much easier on a PC than any on-screen keyboard. The main reason I play Azur Lane on the PC though is the ability to multi-task. I keep the game running in the background and as soon as ships finish constructing I can queue up another ship right away.

Azur Lane is a unique side scrolling mobile shoot em' up game with beautiful collectible moe waifus based on World War 2 warships. It's similar in concept to Kantai Collection and features hundreds of unique characters to collect. Unlike other mobile games, the core gameplay in Azur Lane is much more engaging as players need to manually dodge enemies attacks in real time to complete the more challenging stages.

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