The Weekly Raid: Can MMORPGs Be Used For Good?

I don't know about you, but I love me some Black Mirror. Season 4 started with a bang with a plot that could be said to involve a MMORPG of sorts. As per Black Mirror custom, a new technology product was quickly shown to be a hidden horror. But does it have to be that way? Can MMORPGs be used for good?

If the recent VRChat craze is anything to go by, it seems Black Mirror had it mostly right. While I'm sure there's some wholesome conversations and relationships building on VRChat, I'm willing to bet most of what passes as 'content' on the platform is a form of trolling, screeching, or otherwise fishing for laughs.

But we know from personal experience that hidden away in even the most ruthless open PvP MMORPG, there are pockets of deeply enriching personal experiences. I've made good friends in MMORPGs, and I believe part of what forged that bond was going through hardships together. Bonds that I think would not be as strong without those MMORPG challenges present. We're all equally aware of how fulfilling MMORPGs can be when we are otherwise aimless. Of course this property of the genre is a double edged blade. There are many cases of students dropping out of college or otherwise stunting their personal development due to MMO addiction.

I'm curious if there are any yet unexplored positive use cases for MMORPGs. Could they be used to ween addicts off drugs? Get people to care about their environment? Its an open question and we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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