The Weekly Raid: Korea Makes Account Boosting Criminal, Should The West Follow?

Korea has always had stiffer gaming regulations than the West. For years, account registration on Korean portals like Nexon or NCsoft required users to enter their Korean Social Security numbers, something alien to those of us who often use throwaway emails, names, and birthdays when registering. On November 20, 2011, Korea's Youth Protection Revision Act came into force. Commonly reffered [...]

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The Weekly Raid: The Road To G-Star 2018

G-Star, Korea’s marquee gaming trade show kicks off on November 15 in the port city of Buson. While most of the announcements made at G-Star only immediately effect the Korean market, the out sized influence Korea exerts in global PC & mobile gaming market makes the trade show well worth following for gamers across the world. Odds are the games [...]

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