Ring of Elysium is Shutting Down

ring of elysium max rock formation

The free to play battle royale Ring of Elysium is shutting down. In a terse official notice posted on Steam, it was announced that the game would be closed on December 1, 2023. Ring of Elysium first launched in 2018 and offered a free to play experience inspired by PUBG: Battlegrounds. The game had several interesting mobility features including climbing [...]

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Territory Control & Siege Warfare Patch for Mortal Online 2 Goes Live

mortal online 2 territory control player town

Patch 1.0.17 goes live in Mortal Online 2 today and adds Territory Control, Siege Warfare, Elemental Spells, and more to the PvP-focused fantasy MMOPRG. Players will be able to battle for control over land, construct settlements, and increase their guild's influence over the realm. While the new territory control system is the signature feature of the patch, other additions include [...]

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EverQuest Night of Shadows Expansion Now Live

EverQuest's 26th expansion, Night of Shadows, has launched on December 6, 2022. Players can now explore more of the war-torn continent of Luclin. The expansion adds several new zones, new raids, questions, spells, and abilities. The new expansion also includes a massive quality of life improvement in the form of the Tradeskill Component Depot which can be accessed from anywhere [...]

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ArcheAge 2 To Launch In 2024

archeage elf throne art banner

The sequel to 2013's ArcheAge is scheduled for a 2024 release according to the latest press release issued jointly by the game's developer and publisher. ArcheAge 2 has been under development since at least 2020 with XLGames studio founder Jake Song again at the helm. The latest update states that over 100 developers are working on the game. The studio [...]

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Dune Awakening

Dune: Awakening is an open world survival MMO where thousands of players must struggle for survival on the arid world of Arrakis. Combining elements of survival games with a persistent shared world, Dune Awakening takes the genre to a new level. Publisher: Funcom Playerbase: TBD Type: Open World Survival MMO Release Date: TBA Pros: +Combines the survival genre with a [...]

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