The Weekly Raid: What Are Your Thoughts On The Recent FF14 Controversy?

What happens when MMORPG drama leaks into the real world? This week a local issue in the Final Fantasy 14 community made headlines when outlets like PCGamer published a lengthy expose on the ongoing controversy.

Dubbed MoogleGate, the story centers on a 30-something year old player with the in-game name OldBear. The allegations involve using his position as the head of a fan-site called The Moogle Post to convince woman to send him personal images. The alleged 'abuse' has been ongoing for years and involves over a dozen women. The women who are coming forward with their stories use the moniker Anonymous Jane to protect their in-game and real world identities.

Its difficult to give a summary of the events without revealing my own bias, so those interested in the story should read the well researched piece of PCGamer. All but one of the stories seems to be online-only, so I have difficulty labeling those abuse. One woman ended up living with Oldbear for 2 months but the situation seemed consensual. To me this seems more of a story of women who were emotionally duped into building a connection with a weird man who got off on cyber sex and other odd activities such as erotic fanfic.

The story is being widely discussed on a r/MMORPG subreddit post. Interested reads can follow the story directly from the Anonymous Jane twitter page.

Share your thoughts on this drama below!

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