The Weekly Raid: Are You Still Hyped For Lineage Eternal?

Lineage was one of the defining games of the MMORPG genre. Released way back in 1998, it is still NCsoft's main money maker nearly 20 years later. It continues to see regular updates along with its sequel, Lineage 2 which also is still performing well. Both games have inspired separate mobile spin-offs that have themselves gone on to attract huge audiences. Lineage 2 Revolution alone is pulling in over $100 million a month in Korea alone!

With all of the franchise's past and current success, one could be forgiven for forgetting that a third mainline Lineage game was first announced at G-Star 2011. Dubbed Lineage Eternal, it was supposed to take the series into the future with crossplay on PC and mobile devices. We were lead to believe the game was in testing, but in NCsoft's recent investor presentation it was revealed that the entire development team was replaced with the CFO stating that the game did not "reflect NCsoft's characteristics." A new development schedule is still being prepared.

With all the waiting, and now what looks like at least a partial reset, Lineage Eternal is further away than ever. The question is, does anyone else still care? Let us know below! Check out Steparu's gameplay video to see what the game is (was?) all about: