Bungie Responds To Destiny 2 Launch Day Banning Incident, Unbans Players ‘Banned In Error’

destiny 2 cayde moon

Remember that banning spree that Destiny 2 went on during their PC launch? A large number of players were reportedly permabanned for using overlay programs like Discord, Twitch, Fraps, XSPLIT, and even GeForce Experience. PC Project Lead David Shaw later denied the reports on Twitter saying that it was “internet BS.” We do block programs from pushing their code into [...]

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Destiny 2 PC to Launch Exclusively on Battle.net

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Blizzard is welcoming another game to the Battle.net family, and the game is none other than this year's highly anticipated first-person shooter Destiny 2. Developed by Bungie but published by Blizzard's sister company Activision, Destiny 2 marks itself as the first non-Blizzard game to release on the Battle.net platform. A recent Blizzard news post details the decision to launch Destiny [...]

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