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Digimon Heroes

Digimon Heroes is a mobile CCG RPG where players collect over a thousand different Digimon to raise and train. Make a name for yourself on File Island by mastering combat, matching cards in threes to unleash powerful attacks.

  Publisher: Bandai Namco
Playerbase: High
Release Date: January 27, 2016
Pros: +PvP arena (unlocks at Level 40). +Over 1000 Digimon to collect. +Digivolve and digifuse Digimon.
Cons: -Pay-to-win. -Names of Digimon mixed between English and Japanese translations. -Update issues.

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Digimon Heroes Is A New "Match 3 Card Battler"


Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the launch of their match 3 card battler Digimon Heroes today. What is a match 3 card battler, you ask? It appears to be a game in which you match three cards of the same color as the color of the element that your party members have to attack. According to the press release, this system "delivers fun card battles that are easy to pick up and play while still offering powerful card combinations and exhilarating strategic depth."

Digimon Heroes boasts over 1000 Digimon to collect and use in battle, all of which use illustrations made exclusively for it. Like many other mobile character collection games, you can limit break your units, as well as Digifusing and Digivolving them. There is no PvP mode, but players can "bring their friends into battle." Daily missions, "long-term missions," and daily and bi-weekly events make sure that players always have something to do.

Digimon Heroes is available now on the App Store and Google Play.