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Empire Revenant

Empire Revenant is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game where players begin at the bottom in one of three empires. Gather power and influence to become a king, leading an army to conquer enemies.

Publisher: AMZGame
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Browser Strategy
Release Date: 2016
Pros: +Fame system tied with PvP ladder. +Strategy in unit placement. +Lots of characters to collect.
Cons: -Microtransactions. -Auto-quest systems. -Campaign/story is fragmented and confusing.

[ENDED] Empire Revenant Item Pack Giveaway


AMZGame reached out to us and sent us a bunch of keys for an "item pack" in Empire Revenant, a browser based strategy game. As with many other Chinese browser games, Empire Revenant does feature some pay 2 win elements, so keep that in mind before committing to the game! But if you're interested in checking the game out, make sure to get a head start with one of these item packs! If you don't have an account, register one here.

The item pack includes:

  • Rare Weapon Chest x 1
  • Rare Chest x 10
  • Rare Key x 10
  • Lamp x 5
  • Silver x 500,000

Empire Revenant Item Pack Giveaway

Redemption Instructions:

Log in to your game account and click the Key icon on the upper right corner of your screen:


Then simply Input your gift code in the blank area and hit "Claim"

Each account can only claim 1 pack.