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Kinetik is a tactical RPG shooter where players must master squad-based tactics and work as a unit to achieve victory. Both third person and first person camera angles are available.

Publisher: Hero Machine Studios
Playerbase: TBD
Type: Tactical RPG Shooter
Release Date: TBD
Pros: +Extensive character creation for shooter. +Heavy emphasis on squad-based tactics. +Co-op and multiplayer raids available.
Cons: -Limited information available.

Former SOE Devs Launch Kickstarter Campaign For Upcoming Shooter Kinetik


Hero Machine, a new studio founded by former SOE (now known as Daybreak Games) developers, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of their flagship game, Kinetik. The devs hope to raise $150,000 and are planning on a Steam Early Access release early next year.

The upcoming shooter focuses on cooperative squad-based gameplay that will have players working together to take on AI and other players in a variety of locations. The game also features gameplay elements similar to Tom Clancy’s: The Division, such as RPG-style character progression and cover-based combat. Kinetik also offers players the ability to craft, modify, and upgrade your very own drone. Take a peek at pre-alpha gameplay footage in their Kickstarter video below.