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KWAAN is a sandbox game where players must work together to sustain a community-driven ecosystem. More than competing with each other, KWAAN is about creating, discovering, and collaborating.

Publisher: Ankama Games
Playerbase: Small
Type: Collaborative Sandbox
Release Date: January 21, 2016
Pros: +Very unique collaborative gameplay. +Create pixel art. +Positive atmosphere and community. +Active devs.
Cons: -High learning curve. -No PvP. -Small playerbase.

KWAAN Gets New Control System, Additional Daily Quests

Ankama's lesser-known tribal MMO KWAAN continues to progress with a new update that brings with it a new control scheme. Being controlled entirely by mouse clicks, including a decent amount of platforming driven exclusively by a grappling hook, the game could be a little awkward to get around in. Ankama mention that if you were having issues previously, falling into holes and such, they want your feedback on the new system as they try to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Also included in the update are additional daily quests, which can be grabbed from Lotaar. Rituals reset daily and quests with them. Previously, you were assigned a specific amount of quests per day, which were simply gone once you had completed them. Lotaar now provides extras for those that want more to do.

Balanced quest rewards, a new Bee House, and more have also made their way into the game. The full patch notes can be viewed at the link above.

KWAAN Receives Major MIAAM Update

KWAAN is an interesting, community-focused MMO being made by Ankama Games that has the misfortune of being overshadowed by its older siblings, Dofus and Wakfu. Despite providing a completely new, combat-less sandbox experience, the game has been sitting in obscurity on Steam Early Access for a while. Nevertheless, Ankama are making sure to provide significant updates regularly.

The MIAAM Update, launched yesterday, is focused on two major features; MIAAM and BAAF. As the developers put it, items left on the ground will now slowly decay into MIAAM, which can be eaten by player Dwaals. If a Dwaal eats too much, they need to take a BAAF. The BAAF must be built prior to this.


Several more minor additions are also included. Frogs, balloon frogs, and baby frogs are all added to the list of creatures that you can encounter. A new home design and new interiors were added with the developers noting that character customization is coming soon. The dance and meditation icons were changed. New Zaaz content, including a new temple, new objects, and new meditation spots were added.

For upcoming updates, the developers noted that they will be testing in-game game master features, including impromptu quests, next week. They also make sure to note that older players may be feeling a bit like there isn't much for them with current updates and that that is fine. The game is supposed to be one with a definitive beginning and end despite being an MMO.