The Pathfinder Finds Its Way To MapleStory With The Upcoming Summer Update, Watch The New Trailer Here

maplestory pathfinder banner

If you’re one of those players who’d rather take out enemies from far away with arrows and a little dark magic, then you’ll love the new Pathfinder class in MapleStory. The Pathfinder makes its debut as part of the fantasy MMORPGs summer update launching later this month. “A new awaited Explorer Bowman, Pathfinder, is here! Join her on the adventure [...]

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MapleStory's Pathfinder Class Launching June 26

Nexon announced today that the Explorer Bowman class Pathfinder is officially launching on June 26 with pre-creation beginning on June 12. To celebrate the occasion the game is hosting a Tera Burning Event between June 12 to July 23 where players will gain 3 levels every time they level up. More importantly though, this update also includes revamps to multiple [...]

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MapleStory's Lab Server Now Live - Permadeath Mode

maplestory 2 5th job

Nexon launched their 'Lab Server' for MapleStory today which is built on an entirely new rule-set than traditional MapleStory. The game's Lab Server is considered an ultimate test of skill as monsters are more powerful and the game has permadeath. Every death results in a complete reset of progress. In addition players won't be able to escape death easily by [...]

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