MapleStory Introduces New Bow Class – Kain, The Darkness Chaser

maplestory kain darkness chaser banner

Most MMORPG tropes depict assassins as quick-footed, shuriken-throwing, dual blade-wielding ninjas. Stealthy crossbow users, however, rarely get the attention they deserve… until now. MapleStory welcomes Kain, the Darkness Chaser, a dark and brooding bowman with anger management issues to the side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG. Completing Kain’s badass assassin look is an all-black ensemble complete with black trench coat and, in line [...]

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MapleStory Previews ‘Awake: Flicker Of Light’ Update And BTS Collaboration Event

maplestory awake flicker of light update banner

Nexon highlights the new features and content coming to MapleStory with the Awake: Flicker of Light update. The upcoming update will feature part two of the Awake Tera Burning Plus event designed to help new characters quickly hit level 200. The update will also introduce a revamped Reboot world, the ability to create Zero characters in Reboot, a Legion Arena [...]

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MapleStory Is Getting New 5th Job Skills And New Areas While MapleStory M Gets A New Class

maplestory awake key art banner

During last week’s MapleStory Fest 2020 At Home digital event, Nexon teased a host of new content coming to MapleStory and MapleStory M over the next few weeks. Here's a quick rundown of what's to come: For MapleStory, the developers revealed a two-part content update called Awake. Part one, Awake: Ascend to Mastery, will come out on November 18th and [...]

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MapleStory Will Roll Out Rise: Surge Of Power Update Next Week And Yum Yum Island In August

maplestory surge of power update banner

After 17 years, Nexon is still continuing to improve and expand MapleStory with regular content drops. Last month, the developers rolled out the Rise: Promise of the Guardian update which introduced the new Adele Warrior class along with new zones and events. Now, the studio is gearing up to release a follow-up update called Rise: Surge of Power. “Beginning July [...]

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MapleStory Launching Glory: Strengthened Alliances Update on November 20, New Class Coming Dec 4

maplestory m shadower hero arch mage

While MapleStory is 16 years old, it still gets updated regularly. The game is launching its Glory: Strengthened Alliances update on November 20th which will add new story content to the game as well as some new events. More importantly though, the brand new playable Anima thief class, Hoyoung, is launching on December 4th. There's also a Tera Burning Event [...]

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