MapleStory's Lab Server Now Live - Permadeath Mode

maplestory 2 5th job

Nexon launched their 'Lab Server' for MapleStory today which is built on an entirely new rule-set than traditional MapleStory. The game's Lab Server is considered an ultimate test of skill as monsters are more powerful and the game has permadeath. Every death results in a complete reset of progress. In addition players won't be able to escape death easily by [...]

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MapleStory x Evangelion Cross Event Announced

Nexon announced today that MapleStory will be holding a crossover event with the popular anime movie Evangelion. The event begins on February 28th and runs until March 28th. Players will be able to interact with characters from the movies by traveling through an inter-dimensional rift and complete special quests and events. Key Features of the MapleStory X Evangelion event include: [...]

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