Palworld Touts 25 Million Players On PC And Xbox A Month After Its Early Access Launch

palworld 25 million banner

Palworld has hit another major milestone as the Pokémon-with-guns game hits 25 million total players a month after its early access launch. Developer Pocket Pair broke the news on X (formerly Twitter), touting 15 million players on Steam and 10 million players on Xbox to date including Game Pass subscribers. Meanwhile, peak daily concurrency now sits at roughly 330,000 players [...]

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Palworld Lost 70% Of Its Players Since Launch, The Biggest Two-Week Drop In Steam History

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Palworld has seen a significant drop in its player count since it set an all-time high of 2.1 million players a little over two weeks ago. Peak daily concurrency is now down by roughly 70% to just 610,050 players as of this writing, making it the biggest two-week drop in Steam’s history. It’s quite the step-down, but the Pokémon-with-guns survival [...]

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Palworld Studio Unveils Never Grave, A 2D Dungeon Crawler With Hollow Knight-ish Vibes

never grave lizard knight banner

It hasn’t even been two weeks since Palworld took the video game world by storm, but Pocket Pair is already teasing the next game in its pipeline: Never Grave: The Witch and the Curse. Like its ridiculously popular Pokemon-inspired game, the studio’s next project will undoubtedly turn heads due to its apparent similarities to popular 2D metroidvania game, Hollow Knight. [...]

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The Pokémon Company Is Investigating Claims That Palworld Copied Pokémon Assets

pokemon go alolan forms

Palworld came under scrutiny by the video game community and several developers earlier this week for its alleged use of copied 3D assets from Pokémon games, accusations that the game’s developer claimed as “slanderous.” While the issue is certainly debatable, The Pokemon Company, had been ominously silent about the matter, until today. The company recently issued a statement on its [...]

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Palworld Breaks 2 Million Concurrency Mark And Reports 7 Million Units Sold

palworld lamball machine gun banner

Palworld’s incredible success story continues to unfold as the Pokémon-inspired survival MMO breaks the 2 million concurrency mark. As of this writing, the record sits at 2,018,905 concurrent players. It’s still way behind PUBG: Battlegrounds’ all-time concurrency record, but it’s getting there. Developer Pocket Pair also reports that the game has sold over 7 million copies barely a week after [...]

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Palworld Accused Of Ripping-Off Pokémon Assets, CEO Dismisses Claims As ‘Slanderous’

palworld assault rifle minigun banner

There’s absolutely no doubt that Palworld took a page from Pokémon, but its artists are now being accused of ripping-off assets from the popular pocket monster franchise. Due to the critter-taming MMO’s meteoric rise to popularity, it’s now come under intense scrutiny from the internet community who claim that Pocket Pair simply copied 3D models from Pokémon games and edited [...]

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