Sandbox MMOs

Sandbox games, the virtual universes with no hand-holding from the developers or on-rails progression. You're plopped into a world and told, "go do something, whatever you want!" Do you want to build a house? Go for it. You want to spend your days fishing? Sure. Want to sneak up on another players and steal all their stuff? It’s foolhardy but [...]

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Forsaken Legends


Forsaken Legends is an open world sandbox MMORPG where all players are in the same giant persistent world. Travel for days in one direction and never see the same thing again. Craft gear, build a base, and fight in PvP or PvE battles. Publisher: Holy Fire Games Playerbase: Low Type: Sandbox MMORPG Release Date: May 20, 2016 Pros: +Sandbox game with procedurally generated content. [...]

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Welcome to Traverse, where players can create a character, craft tools, and shape a planet! Mad Cow Studio brings this MMORPG sandbox game to life with voxel imaging and poly art graphics. Publisher: Mad Cow Studio Playerbase: Low Type: MMORPG, Sandbox Public Alpha Release Date: Mid 2016 Pros: +In-depth character creation. +Numerous planets. +Extensive crafting/building. Cons: -Lag issues. -Loading screens for each planet hop.

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Tactical Craft Online


Tactical Craft Online is a combination of sandbox gameplay and RPG elements. Players traverse an open and persistent world, across various biomes to gather resources for crafting, and battle for survival. Publisher: Alexander Chipurnykh Playerbase: Low Type: Sandbox RPG Release Date: February 12, 2016 Pros: +Huge open world. +Extensive crafting trees. +RPG character stat system. Cons: -Arbitrary chat bans. -No tutorial or instructions. -Randomly pulled into battles.

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