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The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a 3D buy-to-play survival third-person shooter where players go up against hostile AI groups. Players can team up with other players to complete missions, craft gear, and take back virus-ravaged Washington D.C.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Playerbase: Medium
Type: 3D Third-Person Shooter
Release Date: March 15, 2019
Pros: +Stunning and detailed rendition of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. +Great visuals and weather/day/night effects. +Open-world missions. +Regular updates.
Cons: -Repetitive duck and shoot gameplay. -Unexciting campaign narrative. -A few bugs and crashes.

The Division 2 Hosts Free Weekend, Talks About Lessons Learned About Running A Live Game

the division 2 capitol burningDrop into post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. for free as Ubisoft opens the doors of The Division 2 to the general public this weekend. The free-to-play weekend will run from now until June 17th which gives you around 4 days to try out the full game commitment-free.

If you do decide to purchase the game, Ubisoft is offering the post-apocalyptic shooter at a huge discount. The Standard Edition, normally priced at $60, can now be purchased for just $40, the $100 Gold Edition for $67, and the $120 Ultimate Edition for $80.

Meanwhile, Content Manager Yannick Banchereau talks about what they’ve learned from operating a live game and how they’re keeping players invested in the game in an interview with Gamasutra.

“Sometimes we tend to underestimate the importance of small updates on a regular basis that come between all the big drops. It's important to try to keep your game alive with new things to do. [That] doesn't mean you need a new game mode every week, it can be small additions like a new gun which are interesting to players.”

Where better to get information on what the players want than from the players themselves, right? Traditionally, community feedback is usually collected from forum posts, online threads, and support tickets. While Banchereau admits that the forums are a good way of gathering community feedback, he also says they’re currently trying to come up with new ways to collect information. “Forums are great,” he says, “but [they're] competitive. We want to make sure every player has a chance to give us their feedback directly to us without having to get into an argument with other players and feel like that feedback will be used and leveraged the proper way.”

In addition, Banchereau also says that they allot time to deal with “surprise flare-ups” to give the devs plenty of time to work on unexpected issues. “Instead of trying to schedule everything in advance, and the unexpected happens and you don't have any time in your production pipeline, we have time allocated for it, so we don't end up in situations where people need to work crazy hours, or need to push updates out several months.” explains Banchereau.

Using multiple studios is also one of the ways that Ubisoft uses to keep the updates coming. The Division 2 development team is made up of a head studio and supporting studios that all contribute to the game’s content. Rotating studios allows the team to roll out regular content updates while preventing its employees from burning out.

In conclusion, Banchereau says that they’re learning from other live games as well. “We're looking at all the big live games of the moment, everyone's doing great things at their own level, [whether] they're updating at a fast pace, or creating interesting compelling content, or using small pieces of content and generating a lot of acquisition and retention. We take lessons from any game, even the ones that are not so successful or not that good, there's always something to learn.”

Ubisoft Reveals Updated Year 1 Roadmap For The Division 2, Free Weekend Scheduled On June 13th

the division 2 free weekend bannerNo development roadmap is set in stone and there’s bound to be changes and unexpected delays. But having a set schedule to follow is always a good thing especially for big-name games like Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Ubisoft has just revealed an updated Year 1 roadmap for the post-apocalyptic shooter which features three episodes, the first of which will be launching later this month.

Episode 1 D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions will be launching in July 2019 bringing with it Expeditions which players will have to complete every week to get through Trinity College. Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle comes out in Fall 2019 and will come with the second 8-player Raid. And lastly, Episode 3 Coney Island: Homecoming which will be launching in early 2020. In Episode 3, take agents back to New York for a manhunt where players will battle it out with familiar enemies and face off against “the biggest threat of all” in Coney Island.

All episodes come with new story-driven missions and new areas to explore. Players can also expect new rewards, specializations, weapons, and gear over the course of the year.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft will be holding a Free Weekend event from June 13th to June 16th on PC and consoles. The game will also be offered at 40% off until June 24th giving free players the chance to continue their journey in post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. and keep their progression after the Free Weekend.

Check out the new trailers after the jump.

The Gunner Specialization Dropping Into The Division 2 Later This Month, Debuts On PTS Tomorrow

the division 2 gunner specializationA new The Division 2 Specialist will be dropping into post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. with the upcoming Title Update 4 – the Gunner. The Minigun-toting Gunner will have enemies running for the nearest cover with their “sustained damage output and damage resilience.” Flushing them back out into the open won’t be a problem using the Gunner’s Signature Skill.

“The Gunner receive bonus armour based on the amount of Specialization ammunition they are carrying and can easily tank incoming damage for short periods of time while using their Minigun to suppress their enemies. There's a catch though – when the weapon is drawn, the Gunner can't enter cover, vault or roll.

To get enemies out in the open, the Gunner comes with the Banshee Signature Skill, which ignores cover and causes its targets to become confused. When an enemy stumble out of cover is the perfect opportunity for the Gunner to use their special grenade – the Riot Foam grenade – trapping the enemy in place.”

The Gunner will automatically be unlocked for Year 1 Pass players while the rest of the playerbase will be required to complete all five challenging stages of the Special Field Research to unlock the specialization, along with exclusive cosmetic rewards including new emotes, gear dyes, weapon skins, and the Gunner mask and uniform. Completing Special Field Research will also reward players with the newest SHD signature weapon.

The new Specialization will be available on the PTS starting tomorrow, June 4th, and will be hit the live servers later in the month. Head over to The Division 2 official site for more info.

The Division 2 Releases Operation Dark Hours Trailer In Preparation For Its May 16th Launch

the division 2 cartoon agentsAfter being pushed back three weeks, The Division 2 sleeper agents will finally be getting their first-ever 8-man raid. Ubisoft has confirmed that Operation Dark Hours will roll out on May 16th via Twitter and even released a shiny new trailer to get you in the mood.

Operation Dark Hours was initially scheduled to launch on April 25th along with Title Update 3. Title Update 3, has been up and running since yesterday along with the content that goes with it. This includes two new Classified Assignments a new Apparel Event, new Achievements & Trophies, new Commendations, a new Crafting vendor and a whole lot more.

“These narrative missions take you through new and remarkable lore that explores the activities of agents, civilians and enemy factions in the 7-month period between the events of New York and the fall of Washington D.C. They are also full of puzzles and secrets, which all together paint a picture of what happened after Green Poison spread across the country.

You can initiate the first mission upon reaching level 10, and when reaching level 30 you will be notified of the second one. Yet, before you can enter, you will need to find the door...”

You’ll find the full patch notes on the Ubisoft official forums. The new trailer is just down below.

The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid And Title Update 3 Pushed Back To May

the division 2 raining bannerOperation Dark Hours, the first ever 8-man raid in The Division 2, along with Title Update 3 has been delayed. The update and raid were both scheduled to come out on April 25th but had to be pushed back to May to give Massive Entertainment more time to “fine-tune” the game’s balance.

“[. . .] We have decided to move the release of Title Update 3—including Operation Dark Hours, our 8-player Raid—from April 25 to May 2019. The final release date of Title Update 3 will be based on results from further testing and balancing of the game. Operation Dark Hours will be your biggest challenge to date, and we want to make sure that we've properly tested the large amount of balance changes that are coming to both PvE and PvP and listen to your feedback about the changes before introducing the raid.”

The planned balance changes are mainly focused on PvP and the Dark and are based on feedback that the devs received with the release of Title Update 2 and Tidal Basin. As part of the upcoming balance changes, weapons and equipment will be normalized to GS 500 instead of the middle ground when participating in normalized content such as the Dark Zone. This should allow gear rolls, mods, and skill power to function as they would in PvE. PvP and Skill damage modifiers will also be decreased to allow for longer encounters and firefights.

In addition, contaminated loot will drop more often in both version of the Dark Zone. Players will also be able to carry more contaminated items with the revamped Dark Zone Pouch, Tier 1 Perk, and the Dark Zone Perk. Empty Dark Zones will also be a thing of the past as the devs work on guaranteeing that there will always be 12 players in the zone. Landmarks will also be getting a cooldown while the Rogue Cooldown has been removed.

Players can now test out these changes and others coming with Title Update 3 in the recently launched public test server. Find out more on The Division 2 official site. You can also find a detailed list of the changes in the State of the Game thread on Reddit or watch the developer video below.

The Division 2 Releases New Trailer Ahead Of Invasion: Battle For DC Launch Later Today

the division 2 tidal basin aerialThe Division 2 sleeper agents will finally get to take the fight to the Black Tusk in their home turf when the first part of Invasion: Battle for D.C. update rolls out later today. Invasion: Battle for D.C. is the game’s first free update since the game officially launched last month and will also include Operation Dark Hours, the first-ever 8-man raid in the series, and a new specialization.

“Players face a new challenge in encountering Tidal Basin, a new stronghold held by the Black Tusk Faction. Tidal Basin is now home to some of the most powerful enemies in the game, and they’re not going down without a fight.”

The first installment of the update also opens up World Tier 5 content and gear, the new Fort McNair PvP map, the Pestilence and Nemesis exotic weapons, and three new gear sets: Hardwired, Ongoing Directive, and True Patriot.

Operation Dark Hours comes out on April 25th with the new specialization following at a later date.

To cap things off, Ubisoft has also released a new trailer to mark the update’s release. You’ll find the trailer right after the jump.

The Division 2 Gets New Endgame Content When ‘Invasion: Battle For DC’ Drops In April

the division 2 agents artIt’s been two weeks since The Division 2 opened up post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. to patiently-waiting sleeper agents ready to take back the nation’s capital. Of course, for some, two weeks is more than enough time to speed-run through the game’s content, steamroll through the World Tiers, and send the Black Tusk forces running with their tails between their legs.

The good news is they won’t have to wait too long to take the battle to the Black Tusks. The next major content drop, Invasion: Battle for DC, is scheduled to go live this weekend bringing with it the new Tidal Basin Stronghold, the base of operations for the high-tech mercenary group. According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Tidal Basin is inspired by Metal Gear Solid’s Shadow Moses Island and is the game’s largest, toughest, and most boss-focused Stronghold yet. It also comes with three new gear sets for players to collect.

Clearing the Tidal Basin Stronghold will open up World Tier 5 which comes with more weekly-rotating invaded missions and the Heroic difficulty level for players who think that checkpoints make the game too easy. All of the content will be free and will roll out on Friday, April 5th.

Meanwhile, the devs have just released a patch designed to improve overall performance, tweak co-op health scaling, reduce frame drops, and fix a number of known bugs. You can find a detailed list of changes in the full patch notes found on the Ubisoft forums.

Oh, and Ubisoft also released a new trailer for the game. You'll find that right down below. Enjoy!

What Is The Division 2? Find Out In Ubisoft’s Brand New Trailer

the division agentsWith The Division 2 officially launching in just a few hours, Ubisoft is making sure that everyone knows exactly what they're getting themselves into. The studio has just released a new trailer that gives fans an in-depth look at their highly-anticipated post-apocalyptic shooter.

The trailer titled “What is the Division 2?” gives players information they’ll need to hit the ground running. Check out the new trailer below.

The Division 2 Early Access Is Now Live, Devs Talk About Their “Living World” Quest System

the division 2 capitol smokeWe’re counting down the days until The Division 2 officially launches this weekend. But, for those who pre-ordered the game, it’s boots down and mission go in post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. with the start of Early Access. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game, then Ubisoft’s new dev blog might just help tide you over until the weekend. The blog talks about the shooter’s dynamic “Living World” which, upon closer look works much like the way a certain MMORPG’s dynamic world map works… *cough cough* Guild Wars 2.

“Our goal for the sequel was to create experiences for you as the player that would not only surprise you but also keep you coming back for more. To achieve this, we developed our "Living World Simulation"—a series of rules that allow all activities and encounters in the open world to spawn systematically. Your open world adventures will be both unique and dynamic in The Division 2, encouraging travel and exploration as a result.”

Faction vs Faction Territory Wars is the foundation of the game’s Living World system. Each faction holds various control points along the map. When these control points run low on resources, the AI sends out scavengers to gather more resources. These creates opportunities for other factions to take out the supply convoy and take the supplies for themselves.

If you haven’t picked up the game, you have until Friday to purchase it from your favorite third-party retailer. After March 15th, digital copies of the game will only be available through UPlay and Epic Games Store.

Check out the The Division 2 official site to learn more.

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