Warframe ‘Operation: Plague Star’ Event Delayed Due To A Bug That Makes It ‘Unplayable’

warframe operation plague star

Disappointing news for space ninjas eagerly waiting the return of Operation: Plague Star in Warframe. The event has been delayed until further notice due to issues that, according to Digital Extremes, makes the operation “incompletable”. The problem is further compounded by a bug that causes the Xbox One version of the game to crash. The game will need to pass [...]

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Digital Extremes Unveils New Warframe Empyrean Expansion Trailer At E3

waframe tenno ship empyrean

Digital Extremes first unveiled their upcoming Warframe Empyrean expansion, initially called Railjack, at last year’s TennoCon. Since then, the Canadian development studio has been close-mouthed on the details of the expansion. But, since E3 is a time for reveals, announcements, and new trailers, Digital Extremes gives fans a glimpse of what’s to come with new footage from the highly-awaited expansion. [...]

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Warframe Reports Nearly 50 Million Players On Its 6th Birthday; Outlines Past Month’s Content Updates

warframe buried debts

Digital Extremes has just announced that Warframe has hit nearly 50 million registered users just in time for the space ninja MMO’s 6th birthday tomorrow. To mark the occasion, the Canadian developer is giving away birthday gifts to all players including the new and exclusive Liset landing craft skin. The free birthday pack will also include last year’s Dex Excalibur [...]

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Warframe Rolls Out The Wolf Of Saturn Six Episode 1 On PC, Xbox One, And PS4

warframe nightwave

Digital Extremes has just released the first episode of The Wolf of Saturn Six kicking of the Warframe Nightwave series. The surprising bit is that the devs rolled out the update simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. No more waiting for weeks or months for console players. “Tenno listening to Nightwave will experience the rebellious, smoky smooth allure [...]

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