[Ended] Echo Of Soul Episode 2.5 Founder's Pack Giveaway


We have partnered with Aeria Games to give away three Echo of Soul Episode 2.5 Founder's Packs.

Each Episode 2.5 Founder's Pack contains the following items.

- The cubix pet that will give you +1000 HP
- The complete Sealed costume set
- The brand-new Bloodstone Spider mount
- A new title: Dread-Lord or Dread-Queen

To enter to win one of the three Episode 2.5 Founder's Packs, simply fill out the form below. Winners will be contacted on August 31st.

MMOs.com Echo Of Soul Episode 2.5 Founder's Pack Giveaway

Update: Contest has ended and Winners have been contacted. Congrats to those who won!

  • Dan

    Isn't Echo of Soul already out? is 2.5 the next game or something? What are we "founding" buy buying a pack?

    • Yomi Index

      2.5 update.

  • MachineXtech

    only" three Episode 2.5 Founder's Packs" ... Typical Aeria -_-

  • Mmosite had one of those giveaways too, and how much did it took for the winners to get their packs? because i won mmosite and they sent my info to aeria games and after 3 days still nothing...

    • Hi Spammie, once we sent the IDs to Aeria, the ball is in their court. I'm not sure how long it takes, but keep in mind monday was labor day and if we submit on Friday, the next business day was Tuesday, so it's only been a few business days. Give them some time

      • Ok thx for the answer, that was fast 😀

      • Heads up, I still haven't got my pack and mmosite told they sent already an email to ask about the packs too ...