Mu Legend Item Pack Giveaway has partnered with Webzen to giveaway away item packs for Mu Legend. Mu Legend is celebrating their successful launch on Steam. The packs include the following items:

  • 3-Day Platinum Service Ticket
  • Wings Growth Stone
  • Resurrection Stone of Life
  • Invisibility Cloak
  • Infinite Key
  • Rift Key
  • Dragon Knight's Invitation
  • Targash's Invitation
  • Luery's Key
  • Magic Gem Mine Map
  • Fabrice's Compass
  • Pit of the Dead Key
  • Fire Demon Cave Key
  • Ice Demon Cave Key

Mu Legend Item Pack Giveaway

How to redeem your code:

1. Go to

2. Log in with your account

3. Select your server and character and enter the Coupon Code (just the numbers)

4. Click “redeem coupon code”

If you are new to WEBZEN, please see the following;

1. Create a account.

2. Go to to download your game client and install it.

3. Choose a server.

4. Create a new character.

Redeem your items by logging into the game and entering the "Legend Shop". Then simply click on the storage button to receive your items.