Line of Defense Starter Kit Giveaway

lineofdefensemmo have partnered with 3000AD to give away 20 Starter Kits for their upcoming MMOFPS Line of Defense. These Starter Kits give instant access to the current Early Access build. They will not allow you to make use of the items provided by Tactical Advantage Kits after release, but you can find them via supply packs marked by beacons during [...]

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Skyforge Giftpack Giveaway


We're partnered with to give away 1,000 Skyforge Gift Packs. Each gift pack includes 14 days of premium membership, 1,000 Celestial Threads (Can be used to buy Outfits and accessories!), and an hour of mount usage. Get your key simply by clicking on the "Get Your Key" button below (Limited to 1 per user!): [keys id=74348] We're all out [...]

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